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Print Puzzle - "U.S. Presidents - Part 3" by Pete Griffith on 2/18/2014
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1- Last name of the 2nd US President, and his son who became the 6th US President; 6- Decay; 9- Model airplane wood; 14- Kind of organic acid first derived from green apples; 15- Serving of corn; 16- "Hey, you two kissing, get ___!"; 17- The 13th US President following the death of Zachary Taylor, and the last one that was not from the two major parties we have today; 20- Recipients of property titles; 21- Accommodates by changing; 22- Third largest county in the contiguous 48 states and home of the Nevada Proving Grounds; 23- Each US President is sworn into office on his Inauguration ___; 24- Final word from the clergy?; 25- This founding father and the 4th US President ranks as the shortest chief executive in history at 5' 4" tall; 30- Thread holders; 33- Televise; 34- Bigger than Med.; 35- Makes a driveway, perhaps; 36- Fury; 37- Fifth wheel?; 39- Historical period; 40- Code-cracking group headquartered in Fort Meade, MD; 41- Completely covered; 42- The 27th US President and the only chief executive to also serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; 46- Swiss peaks; 47- Diminutive suffix with scap- or spat-; 48- in the style of; 51- Obstruct; 54- A Tower of London guest, in olden days; 56- The 3rd US President never used capital letters in his handwriting, and died 50 years to the day after declaring independence; 58- Marveled at the fireworks; 59- Oktoberfest drink; 60- "All together now"; 61- Spurs; 62- Like a state that traditionally votes Republican; 63- Relating to differences in pitch;
1- Capital of Jordan; 2- Seven times a week; 3- TV's "Kate & ___"; 4- Q: What has 5,280 feet?; 5- Watergate, Iran-Contra, Teapot Dome and Monica Lewinsky, to name a few; 6- Candidates for US President often take this kind of late-night flight; 7- Clumsy ones; 8- The first "T" of TNT; 9- Like Ike's head?; 10- Giorgio, the Italian fashion designer; 11- Aerial maneuver; 12- Type; 13- Spy Aldrich; 18- A heap of printed matter; 19- Missouri birthplace of the 33rd US President, Harry S. Truman; 24- Parisian pal; 25- US President Obama's VP, Biden; 26- Female running mate in the 2008 US Presidential election, Palin; 27- Bed support; 28- Fairy Tale monster; 29- Require; 30- Vomit; 31- Prefix meaning equal in number; 32- Shape of the US Presidential office; 36- Doctrines; 37- Spot on the davenport; 38- Former First Lady, Mrs. Nixon; 40- Nuchae, medically speaking; 41- Home state of US Pres., Richard M. Nixon; 43- Escaped; 44- Homer epics; 45- Covered with sod; 48- Williams of "Happy Days"; 49- Hotelier Helmsley; 50- Synthetic fiber; 51- Halt; 52- Norse thunder god; 53- "___ and a bottle of rum..."; 54- Brazilian soccer legend; 55- More or less; 57- Cookie container;