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Print Puzzle - "Unofficial Titles" by AVXWords on 2/15/2014
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1- Baby [get the best indie xwords in the land at]; 5- Festoons with bath tissue; 8- Broadway hit that closed in 2003, casually; 14- What one hopes not to get off to, on a date; 16- Chemical base; 17- Title for a social leader; 18- Controversial plaything; 19- Mesoamerican builder of colossal heads; 21- Knock around; 22- Title for one who says what's already clear; 27- Like Columbus, by birth; 28- Child star Corey who died in 2010; 29- John follower; 30- Hatcher on "Desperate Housewives"; 31- Unspirited?; 34- Title for a touchy person; 39- Sneaky; 40- Head shop purchase; 41- "Word"; 42- Opera that ends in the Temple of Vulcan; 43- Real estate page item; 46- Title for a Romeo; 50- Tear; 51- Marissa Mayer's company; 52- Undercover officer's shout, upon revealing him or herself; 55- Title for a large construction beam support; 60- Waste fuel; 61- Smithwick's, for one; 62- Thom Yorke and J.K. Rowling's school; 63- Karaoke need, briefly; 64- Adam and Eve's place;
1- What some joints smoke?; 2- Perrier, to the French; 3- Suffix with Gator; 4- Take advantage of; 5- Highly resonant Indian drums; 6- Weeks-early delivery; 7- "Card Players Quarreling" artist Jan; 8- Midback muscle, briefly; 9- "Xanadu" band; 10- Critically acclaimed role-playing game in the "Elder Scrolls" series; 11- Nearsighted toon; 12- Message on a candy heart; 13- Photocopied punk rock publications; 15- Govt. debt instrument; 20- Sacha Baron of stunt comedy; 22- Adams who writes "The Straight Dope"; 23- Itching; 24- Tweet, e.g.; 25- You might have a shot at them; 26- Roman numeral in a Shakespeare title; 27- Noir-era slang for legs; 30- Stand for driving; 31- Finished off; 32- Camping in a camper; 33- Noir-era slang for a safecracker; 35- Bigger than big; 36- Straddle, say; 37- Apt to, um ... sorry, what was I saying?; 38- South American monkey; 42- Scene-ending words; 43- "The Namesake" author Jhumpa; 44- Like some modern mustaches; 45- Urban blights; 46- Choice; 47- Name on a sign outside a house for sale; 48- Empty; 49- Arabic honorific; 53- Nickel, e.g.; 54- For each; 56- "Now it's like 'Murder, ___ Wrote' once I get you out them clothes" (R. Kelly lyric); 57- Little bit; 58- Suffix with glob-; 59- Lion's lair;