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Print Puzzle - "U.S. Presidents - Part 2" by Pete Griffith on 2/8/2014
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1- With 15 Across, famous consumer protectionist and 5-time candidate for US President (1992-2008 elections); 6- Maxim; 11- Only US President to serve more than 2 terms; 14- Maker of Pong; 15- With 1 Across, famous consumer protectionist and 5-time candidate for US President; 16- Shepherd's workspace; 17- Third of three founding fathers to die on July 4th, and the only US President to have a foreign capital named for him (Liberia); 19- Kimono sash; 20- Real last name of musician, Meat Loaf; 21- "Now broadcasting"; 22- Hindu titles of respect; 23- Tolkien beast; 25- Rabble-rouse; 27- The 35th US President and WWII veteran who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963; 32- "___ you kidding me?"; 33- Visored cap worn by French soldiers at the outset of WWI, later replaced by 8 Down; 34- US President Clinton's unwanted nickname, "___ Willie"; 38- Former Speaker of the House and candidate for US President, Gingrich; 40- Escort, perhaps?; 43- Bibliographic abbr.; 44- This US Vice President resigned when facing criminal charges, eventually leading to the Ford presidency; 46- The object of young George Washington's axe; 48- Unratified addition to the Constitution designed to guarantee fair voting to all citizens of age; 49- The 33rd US President who has a middle initial but no middle name, took office on the death of the longest-serving exec.; 53- Game official; 56- Conjunctions, used between alternatives; 57- First US President George Washington reportedly said, "I cannot tell ___..."; 58- Chocolate source; 61- Swear or affirm; 65- White House souvenir, perhaps; 66- This US President was the only one born farther west than Richard M. Nixon, according to birth records; 68- Skating surface; 69- Like helium; 70- Worker with a trade; 71- Cadillac sedan model; 72- Overly studious lads; 73- Coin bearing the image of the 16th US President;
1- Indian royal; 2- Not very much; 3- Dalai ___; 4- Hunt down; 5- Stitched word on a set of towels; 6- Soon, poetically speaking; 7- SNL comedian, Carvey; 8- French helmet that replaced 33 Across during WWI; 9- First name of the first US President and the King of England mentioned in the Declaration of Independence; 10- Poet's palindromic preposition for "before"; 11- Plant life in any area; 12- Entry on the left-hand side of a ledger; 13- Up the ante; 18- Ridiculed; 22- Flair; 24- US Attorney General under his brother, 27 Across, and later a US senator; 26- Driver's license, e.g.; 27- 1998 Wimbledon winner Novotna; 28- Wash. and Calif. neighbor; 29- Chopped down, like George Washington's legendary Cherry Tree; 30- Federal office in charge of keeping the air, land and water clean, originally proposed by US President Nixon; 31- Lousy?; 35- Part of a list; 36- Actress, Irene, of "Fame" fame; 37- Racist hate group; 39- Snicker; 41- Places for RN's and Dr.'s; 42- Captured again; 45- While the US President may wage it, Congress must declare it; 47- Be human; 50- Fix a rattan chair; 51- Parent or guardian; 52- In working order; 53- Swift; 54- Vote into office; 55- Monetary penalties; 59- Joker, e.g.; 60- Makes a scene?; 62- Conceited; 63- Harbinger; 64- On guard; 66- Container; 67- Vs.;