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Print Puzzle - "Trigger Movement" by Dean Rockett on 2/2/2014
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5- Good-luck charm adopted by a sports team (6); 7- Caused civil unrest (6); 9- Prison room (4); 10- Sugar Ray ___, boxer in the 1940s, '50s and '60s (8); 11- Caribbean island on which St John's is the largest city (7); 13- Hob of a cooker (5); 15- Enquiry (5); 16- Aromatic or spicy, as opposed to sweet (7); 18- Bodily, military rank (8); 19- Commitment to tell the truth (4); 21- Clean away, put things in their place (4,2); 22- Gas that constitutes roughly 21% of the air we breathe (6);
1- Secure, deposit box (4); 2- Breastbone (7); 3- Corrupt payment (5); 4- Six-shooter (8); 6- (Beautiful) handwriting (11); 8- The study of birds (11); 12- Suffering from a nervous disorder (8); 14- Sailing ship used from the 15th to 18th centuries (7); 17- Fruit used to make wine (5); 20- A genealogical diagram is a family ___ (4);