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Print Puzzle - "U.S. Presidents - Part 1" by Pete Griffith on 1/30/2014
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1- The only US President (and V.P.) who was never elected by the electoral college, with 29 Down; 5- Eighth letter in the Greek alphabet; 10- They are the backbone of the USMC; 14- Double-reed woodwind; 15- Museum piece; 16- Continental capital?; 17- US President whose assassination in Buffalo, NY brought Teddy Roosevelt into office; 20- He surrendered to future US President Grant at Appomattox; 21- Democratic co-author of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill, former Sen. Feingold; 22- Scruffs; 23- Basketball net holder; 24- Depression; 26- The second of four US President to be assassinated, his fatal injuries spurred the invention of a metal detector and air conditioner; 33- First Hebrew letter; 34- Ham it up; 35- Order before "Fire!"; 37- Computer re-direct command; 38- Snares; 39- Brontë's "Jane ___"; 40- 1973 Supreme Court decision, ___ v. Wade; 41- Raccoon relative; 42- The 14th US President chose to "affirm" instead (see 43 Across); 43- The only US President to "affirm" rather than '42 Across' in his oath of office with his hand on a law book, not a Bible.; 46- Pigeon-___; 47- E.R. workers; 48- D sharp?; 51- Voting group; 53- Pastoral sound; 56- The only US President to serve two, non-consecutive terms of office (actually winning the popular vote three times in a row); 60- Ginger Spice, Halliwell; 61- This body has impeached two US Presidents (A. Johnson and Clinton), though they were both acquitted by 10 Down; 62- More US Presidents (7) were born in this state than any other; 63- Copy files to an iPod; 64- "Waiting for Lefty" playwright; 65- Org dedicated to protecting America's President at all times;
1- Game birds; 2- New York theater award; 3- Stage part; 4- Label on a 10-key pad; 5- Serious bodily injury; 6- Does some tailoring; 7- Stately trees; 8- Twitch; 9- "Egad!"; 10- Two US Presidents were acquitted by them after being impeached by 61 Across; 11- You can get a BIG one at 7-11; 12- Arbor Day subject; 13- Important beans in oriental cuisine; 18- Type of whiskey; 19- Navel distinction?; 23- Seized vehicle; 24- Come to call; 25- Young newts; 26- Jaromir ___, Czech-born winger and 7th highest goal scorer in NHL history; 27- Distant; 28- 3.280839895 feet; 29- The only US President (and V.P.) who was never elected by the electoral college, with 1 Across; 30- Stradivarius's teacher; 31- Stratum; 32- Paul, the English theoretical physicist who predicted the existence of antimatter; 36- Paltry; 38- Take a puff; 39- Lamb's moms; 41- Nickname for the $100 bill (one of two that does not picture a US President) derived from roman numerals; 42- Because; 44- Pertaining to an ancient ancestor; 45- Demonstrates beyond doubt; 48- A chicken's contribution to a traditional breakfast; 49- Rocker Glenn, of the Eagles; 50- Forsaken; 51- Like a state that traditionally votes for Democrats; 52- "___ we forget"; 53- Cries from Scrooge; 54- Cuckoos; 55- Ruckuses; 57- Pi follower; 58- Atlantic food fish; 59- First Lady before Eleanor;