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Print Puzzle - "Stand-Up Comedy" by Pete Griffith on 1/19/2014
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1- Boston's own Stand-Up Comic with a biting wit (with 44 across); 6- The first lady of comedy, Lucille; 10- Leave out; 14- Sleep disorder; 15- Jai ___; 16- Billionth: Prefix; 17- One of the first Stand-Up Comics to feature vulgarity, he was arrested and convicted of public obscenity in 1964; 19- Cable channel with all the scores; 20- Its chemical symbol is Pb; 21- Person with website control; 22- Like Stand-Up Comic, Sam Kinison, famously; 23- Comic strip cry, upon seeing a mouse, perhaps; 25- Erode; 27- Stand-Up Comic who made a name for himself with "seven dirty words"; 32- Young fellow; 33- Nabisco cookie; 34- Jerry Stiller's wife and Stand-Up Comic partner, Anne; 38- "In your dreams!"; 40- Sealy competitor; 43- Coral formation; 44- Stand-Up Comic and voice of Diego in Ice Age (with 1 Across); 46- Catches some rays; 48- Genetic messenger letters; 49- Stand-Up Comic who often examined racism and ranked #1 of all time by Comedy Central; 53- Stand-Up Comic, Martin, who features word play, surrealism & props, with self-designated title, "person"; 56- Deli bread choice; 57- Line of rotation; 58- Beast of Borden; 61- Renown; 65- "La Bohème" heroine; 66- Deadpan comic featured on the Smothers Brothers TV show who famously ran for president six times; 68- Designer Cassini; 69- Historic times; 70- Sticky product from pine trees; 71- Kind of sign; 72- Fraction of a newton; 73- Uncredited actor;
1- Speak like a toddler; 2- Fencing blade; 3- "The King and I" role; 4- Generate; 5- "Whoopee!"; 6- Lyrical poet; 7- Grad; 8- More frilly; 9- Of the spleen; 10- Comedy delivery style perfected by Henny Youngman and others; 11- Stand-Up Comic, Jackie, who gave Ed Sullivan the finger; 12- Entered data; 13- Round work of art; 18- The ones who make the bread; 24- Sense of self; 26- Comic genius, Conway, of the Carol Burnett Show; 27- Hefty competitor; 28- Life of Riley?; 29- Thor's father; 30- Mediocre report card grade; 31- Main artery; 35- Ethereal; 36- Nevada's "Biggest little city in the world"; 37- Many miles away; 39- Comedy troupe, ___ Theatre, with dozens of albums released in the 70's; 41- La Brea goo; 42- Comedienne, Martin, who gained fame with the SCTV comedy troupe in the 70's; 45- Something no true Stand-Up Comic should do on stage?; 47- Spook; 50- Covered with crinkled fabric; 51- Sainted fifth-century pope; 52- Automatic reaction; 53- Stand-Up Comic and co-creator of "In Living Color" with his brother Keenen Wayans; 54- Banish; 55- Common name for the Stencil Duplicator, precursor to the photocopier; 59- Comic actor best known as Ollie's partner in their slapstick comedies; 60- The bare assertion fallacy also called, "___ dixit" (Latin: 'he said it, himself'); 62- Mgr.'s aide; 63- Israel's Golda; 64- Sicilian resort city; 67- Yorkshire river;