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Print Puzzle - "Its Raining Cats and Dogs" by Rob Sovulewski on 2/24/2007
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1- The____Cats (Popular music group); 6- Popular Broadway Hit; 10- Tais-___, (2003 film); 13- A dogs bad habit, maybe.; 14- Short Sagas; 15- Wrestling org.; 16- Pertaining to the ear; 17- Ethnicity of 14 down and 45 accross.; 19- Seen something go by fast?; 20- A popular ending?; 21- ____, New Mexico; 22- To finish an oppenant in an early rd.; 24- Lee Harvey_____; 27- A popular drink at a sushi bar; 28- Hunting dog; 29- An action after "Good boy", maybe; 32- Hawaiian rudderfish.; 34- ".....get the new_____", say about rock star Ronnie J's disc.; 35- Bournemouth International Airport, commonly known as.; 37- School room features.; 39- Buon___ Project, 1962; 40- How a dummy might spel it.; 42- Features on a boat.; 44- Electronic Reg. Online; 45- Breed of cat, first exported from Thailand.; 47- Zero; 49- ____Abe; 50- Forever, maybe; 53- Month, year and____; 54- Senior Exec. Services; 55- Kit____; 57- Alpo makes these.; 60- Routine; 61- Japanese sash; 62- Forearm bones.; 63- Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army , org.; 64- Gotland Grand National, Abbr.; 65- Frank Sinatra song, shortened.; 66- Republic in S Europe;
1- A strike breaker; 2- Ultima____, A distant region.; 3- "Whats Happening" Character; 4- Treats for your pets, maybe.; 5- Yves Saint Laurent, Org.; 6- A kind of ship.; 7- Muhammad____, prize fighter.; 8- Arnold Palmer "Can I get a scone and some____", say; 9- Used as a 2nd form of this, maybe?; 10- "___the night", with to make amends.; 11- Its a hoot?; 12- No___ands or butts.; 14- A Burmese predecessor (Cat breed); 18- Resident of a town; 20- Ribboned, as in a typewriter.; 23- ____Gillan, (Rock gutarist); 25- A kind of Renault, automobile; 26- ______Little (1998 Eddie Murphy title role); 28- Lapdog of a short-legged breed with a snub nose; 29- A cats favorite music group?; 30- MP3 file.; 31- To put effort to, with Kiss song "Cold____"; 33- Ryder cup team, Abbr.; 36- A vegetarians order, mabybe; 38- Decreases in speed, spelt the gin way.; 41- A try out?; 43- Sat. Night Live; 46- ____Dan,(singer); 48- Might do from seeing a mouse.; 50- Might get before an execution.; 51- Sweatbox; 52- Stable compartment; 56- To Kill; 57- Hot diggety____; 58- Your maternal doc.; 59- ____Arbor, Michigan; 60- German firearm;