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Print Puzzle - "Tops and Bottoms" by Nick Corney on 12/12/2013
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9- Drunk dead-headed rose (5); 10- Educate among the ultra-intelligent (5); 11- Death-throes of my true Romeo and an English flower (3); 12- Hybrid plant - but not quite it (1-6); 13- Light rain, the first drop of which moves down a string to produce a greyish hue (7); 14- Most in nest tried flying out (9); 16- Bucolic scene written about in hillbilly diaries (5); 17- Kiss, promise... and then wonder what you're doing (9,6); 21- Hiccoughing through a swift burp is supposed to make your tummy better (3-2); 22- Pure chaos surrounding Gustav, so provide cover (9); 25- Unavoidably, four leaders must be returned at Union of Pacific Islands (7); 26- Silent rowers listened to changes (7); 28- Brief memo written to express disagreement (3); 29- Figurehead drops off Darwin's ship as a result of almost hitting an albatross? (5); 30- African tribesman has ox slaughtered (5);
1- Whimsical short joke on topless type of dancing (8); 2- You might be quick on this ukele - entertaining some adults meeting after school, perhaps (6); 3- Rise and fall, rising for a change (4); 4- Fast 8th Army soldiers travel north on last day of the war (6); 5- Headhunted sailor to catch press gang leader; 6- In forerunner of Premier League 'double' means 'single' (10); 7- Listen! You're in a magical place! You're in Australia! (4,4); 8- An offer from Noel: Ad breaks! (2,4); 15- An old-fashioned strip patched together from spare plaid (10); 18- Repeated pattern is lost in a top with no sleeves (8); 19- Christine runs rough assemblage round bend and into university (8); 20- USA are in training for a mixed race (8); 21- Sunday regulars at Twickenham (6); 23- Great Dane possibly in a small village (6); 24- A beating that leaves a lasting impression (6); 27- Rise at eleven and move slowly after the landing (4);