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Print Puzzle - "The Wrath of Grapes?" by Pete Griffith on 12/8/2013
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1- The bouquet - important when tasting a new wine; 6- Response to a fresh remark; 10- In ___ way; 14- First stomach in some animals; 15- Woods used to make most wine barrels; 16- Wine falling between classic 'red' and 'white' designations, usually pinkish in color; 17- Standard wine-making grape worldwide, and popular white wine variety; 19- Animated short, for short; 20- Bruin legend Bobby; 21- Popular MP3 player; 22- Peanut butter style; 24- Swarm; 25- Percentage; 26- Site of the Taj Mahal; 29- California table wine sold by the jug, named for the company pitch man featured in its 1970's TV commercials; 33- Device used to squeeze grapes during the early stages of the wine making process; 35- Clock unit; 36- Devotee; 37- French term for "dry" wine; 38- Defeat soundly; 41- Author Rand; 42- Environmentalist's prefix; 43- Privy to; 44- Not as good; 46- Wine stewards at finer restaurants; 50- God of love; 51- Fungus used by many French chefs; 52- Sunrise direction; 54- Ukrainian port on the Black Sea; 56- "Giant" author, Ferber; 57- ___ Tomé; 60- Source of the wine maker's grape; 61- French wine-making family which partnered with Robert Mondavi to create the Opus One Winery; 64- Buzz Lightyear's owner; 65- Chihuahua child; 66- Toy musical instrument played by humming into it; 67- Not as much; 68- Bed board; 69- Young bull;
1- With the bow, musically speaking; 2- German industrial valley; 3- Five-star General, Bradley; 4- French sea; 5- Actress MacDowell; 6- Major wine producing valley in California; 7- Terra firma; 8- Letters before an alias; 9- Intimidate someone into a bad choice, perhaps; 10- Conductor Toscanini; 11- Cheap apple-based wine brand from Ernest & Julio Gallo, with a large variety of flavors to avoid; 12- "Dilbert" intern; 13- Contradict; 18- Int'l oil cartel; 23- Torment; 24- Prof.'s helpers; 25- Opening for a coin; 26- Church recesses; 27- ___-Roman wrestling; 28- A good waiter usually does this to help a diner pair the right wine with the entree; 30- Major wine making valley in Germany; 31- Approval; 32- ___ Sanctum Mysteries (old-time radio program); 34- Secret agents; 39- Forgets; 40- Slave away; 45- Cheerios grain; 47- Ambles leisurely; 48- Frankfurter on a bun; 49- Without; 53- Pass rusher's tally; 54- Racetrack shape, typically; 55- Wine's partner?; 56- Sicilian volcano; 57- Small, medium or large?; 58- Hand lotion ingredient; 59- Stench; 62- Lubricate; 63- Fedora, Fez or Panama, for example;