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Print Puzzle - "Movies and Music" by Dean Rockett on 11/15/2013
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7- Bing ___ sang 'White Christmas' (6); 8- Lawrence of ___, 1962 movie starring Peter O'Toole (6); 9- Swedish music group - the musical Mamma Mia! features many of their songs (4); 10- Yet admin, when rearranged, is explosive! (Anagram) (8); 11- Morgan ___, star of Driving Miss Daisy (7); 13- ___ Lennox, lead singer of The Eurythmics (5); 15- Over-excited (5); 16- Italian rice dish (7); 18- Stretch of water in Scotland famous for its monster (4,4); 19- Not difficult (4); 21- Handsome young man, character in Greek mythology (6); 22- US state bordered by Washington to the north and California to the south (6);
1- Ten-legged crustacean (4); 2- Huge land mammal found in India and Borneo (5,8); 3- John ___, author of The Day of the Triffids (7); 4- John ___, star of Western movies (5); 5- Caped crusader movie starring Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones (6,7); 6- Administrative region or dominion (8); 12- Burt ___, star of The Cannonball Run and Boogie Nights (8); 14- ___ Churchill, British wartime Prime Minister (7); 17- Nationality of a person from Cardiff (5); 20- Not fast (4);