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Print Puzzle - "Classic Fads" by Pete Griffith on 10/1/2013
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1- Classic Fad from the 80's: ___-wash jeans; 5- Letter opener?; 9- Classic Fad from 80's kids' show starring four reptiles with martial arts skills (abbr.); 13- Singer, of "Footloose" fame; 14- Classic Fad that had parents searching far and wide for the "Tickle Me" version in the 90's; 15- Church singers; 16- Recent Fad caught on many YouTube videos in unexpected public places; 18- Therefore; 19- Classic Fad collectible toy from the 90's developed by Ty Warner; 21- Where you might find a priest on Sunday morning?; 24- Arab dignitaries; 25- Classic Fad from the 50's and 60's spurred by Fess Parker's portrayal of Daniel Boone; 29- Short instrumental solo; 30- Actress Carter and others; 31- Pres. appointee to a foreign post; 34- Storage vessels for ashes; 35- Makes bigger; 36- Four quarters?; 37- Classic Fad from 70's and 80's TV commercials, "The Chia ___"; 38- "The Nutcracker" protagonist; 39- It comes from the heart?; 40- Classic Fad from the 70's making polyester cool on the dance floor; 42- Daughter of Zeus; 45- Transplanted organ recipients; 46- Recent Fad activity by unwanted camera subjects; 50- Secret language; 51- Classic Fad gesture from the 70's, symbolic of anti-war protests; 55- An out of control elephant or killer ocean wave; 56- Mgr.'s aide; 57- Nabisco cookie; 58- Exam; 59- Red ink amount; 60- Requirement;
1- 1980's SitCom about an extra-terrestrial from the planet Melmac; 2- Commander of a USMC brigade or regiment; 3- Lyricist Gershwin; 4- Breaks up; 5- Expose the identity of Batman or the Lone Ranger?; 6- North Carolina university; 7- Prefix with dextrous; 8- Gift on "The Bachelor"; 9- Ancient Greek city-state destroyed by Alexander the Great; 10- British hip-hop emcee, ___ Love; 11- Less rude; 12- Lock of hair; 15- Stanley Cup winners; 17- "Steppenwolf" author; 20- Jennifer of "Flashdance"; 21- Freeze over; 22- ___ Dame; 23- Riding horse; 26- Ancient Peruvians; 27- Classic Fad jacket style from the 60's, popularized by the Monkees and Beatles; 28- Transparent; 31- Eagle's nest; 32- Far from glossy; 33- Military bigwigs; 35- Older brother of King David who argued with him before the slaying of Goliath; 36- Lion cub Simba, to Mufasa; 38- Mayan ritual sinkhole; 39- In unison; 40- Make wider, as with a waistband, for example; 41- Decrees; 42- Separate; 43- Spasm; 44- Former Texas governor, and his daughter, "Ima" (he didn't really have a girl named "Ura"); 47- Milky-white birthstone gem for October; 48- Prefix for 'intermediate'; 49- Clef used for cello and tuba sheet music parts; 52- Fury; 53- "Holy cow!"; 54- Wynken and Blynken's partner;