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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 145" by Kris Gilpin on 9/30/2013
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1- What Birdy wanted to do.; 5- Under-seen 2012 (Langella) drama about an aging jewel thief, Robot & _____.; 10- Pretty Beatles' song, "____ Prudence."; 14- Superbad: "You think Becca's gonna be psyched that you brought a bottle of ____?"; 15- Led Zep's great rocker, "When the _____ Breaks," was heard in Argo.; 16- 1949's Don Siegel, Viveca Lindfors rom-dram, Night ____ Night.; 17- T'was a huge part of The Bounty.; 18- Cineplex _____ (a theater chain).; 19- Howard Stern & Madonna have large ones.; 20- Some supporting characters in High Noon & Outland were ________ than others.; 22- Pretty Amy, from 2012's underseen The Master.; 23- What the Scorpio Killer does to Clint thruout Dirty Harry.; 24- Steel bar used to prevent a vehicle from running backwards on an incline.; 26- Was the 1989-1993 TV show maybe called "Daagie ______, M.D." on Earth 2?; 29- Ethan Hawke wrote & directed 2006's The _______ State from his novel.; 32- The Duke was there in 1960, Dennis Quaid in 2004.; 33- Son of Godzilla & No Man Is an Island were shot there.; 35- Commander, in an Arabian movie.; 36- 1965 ho-hum Bob Hope comedy, ___ Take Sweden.; 37- Mary Elizabeth Winstead was _______ as an alcoholic in this underseen 2012 drama.; 40- LAX posting.; 41- On-set lunch while shooting Finding Nemo?; 43- Both thumbs up.; 44- Of the ancient Scandinavian class or type (as in literature or poetry).; 46- Thawed, like The Thing.; 48- Cannot.; 49- Quote from Life of Brain: "My final offer, half a shekel for an old ex-_____?"; 50- 1958 Sinatra drama, ____ Came Running.; 51- (It's 1989, and John sometimes _____ horror videotapes with Kris.); 53- When an actor flubs a line, it makes that shot (this).; 57- David Lynch's road film (via tractor), The Straight Story, starts from here.; 58- 2012's underseen offbeat, Sam Rockwell crime comedy: _____ Psychopaths.; 60- Like De Niro in Raging Bull.; 61- Liam Neeson's underseen, existential drama, The ____, should've been nommed for many awards!; 62- Mountain nymph.; 63- Ben Johnson won an Oscar as Sam the ____, for The Last Picture Show.; 64- 2005's In ___ Shoes & 2006's Away from ___.; 65- Cheesy 1987 bird/chicken-attacks, B-horror flick, _____: the Movie.; 66- 1958 Tony Perkins/Sophia Loren rom-dram, Desire Under the ____.;
1- Movie dragons hate this verb.; 2- Can follow H or (eek!) M.; 3- Franco Nero was he in The Bible: In the Beginning...; 4- John Cassavetes's stripped-down directing style helped achieve film (this).; 5- 1969 Matthau/Goldie Hawn rom-com, Cactus ______.; 6- Counsels, advises (in a Brit film).; 7- Say for sure.; 8- Reeves, in 3 films.; 9- Brit director Loach, or Russell.; 10- 2010, Zach Galifianakis road comedy.; 11- Underseen, 2012 rom com with a charming Emily Blunt, The Five-Year __________.; 12- Director (The Sweet Hereafter) Egoyan, who has worked a lot in Canada.; 13- Lovely Katharine, who was a Stepford wife in 1975.; 21- Sandwiches for dessert (yum!).; 22- Kubrick's films as opposed to, say, Clive (Luv) Donner's.; 24- Persian potentates.; 25- Fleshy fruit.; 26- Short poem (from a Japanese film).; 27- Pretty Nancy, RoboCop's partner.; 28- Very good, underseen 2012 Emma Watson rom dram, The Perks of Being a __________.; 30- 60's protest, man.; 31- Ehh, 2000, 3-part John Ritter B-horrorshow, Terror _____.; 33- More cheerful.; 34- Finish, with "up."; 38- Like the hedges in The Shining.; 39- What Rainn Wilson played in The Rocker.; 42- Most movie tickets don't really need to be...; 45- When it comes to buttered popcorn, napkins are extremely (this).; 47- 2002 action thriller w/ Rufus Sewell, Extreme ___.; 48- I prefer Almond Joy over this bar at the movies.; 50- We used to have a lot more of these previews when I was a kid.; 51- Moody Blues' "Tuesday Afternoon": "Those gentle voices I hear, explain it all with a ____."; 52- Francois Truffaut's 1968 crime mystery, The Bride ____ Black.; 53- Iris's place.; 54- Glenn Close brought Bunny to a ____ in Fatal Attraction.; 55- Weaver's apparatus.; 56- Coastal raptors.; 58- Funny, 1981 anti-Hollywood comedy from Blake Edwards, _._._.; 59- "___ on my bed my limbs I lay": Coleridge.;