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Print Puzzle - "Saturday Night Live!" by Pete Griffith on 9/12/2013
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1- SNL cast member, Murphy, who played Gumby, Mr. Robertson and Buckwheat; 6- SNL cast member and news anchor, Hall, who married fellow cast member, Julia Louis-Dreyfus; 10- Evaluate; 14- Replenish the supply of weaponry; 15- Important state early in elections; 16- Certain MLB league; 17- SNL cast member who played Garth, the Church Lady and George H. W. Bush; 19- Clancy hero, Jack; 20- Lodge member; 21- "Neverending Story" author Michael; 22- Three-bagger; 24- "___, vidi, vici" (Caesar's boast); 25- Hitch with; 26- ___ Spumante; 29- SNL cast member and head writer who currently anchors the Weekend Update news desk; 33- "___ nice day."; 35- Baseball's Hershiser; 36- Tiller's tool; 37- Keebler employee?; 38- Traditional flower for Valentine's Day; 41- Car nut; 42- Sun Devils' sch.; 43- Bearded wildebeests; 44- Muralist Rivera; 46- SNL cast member who played a Conehead, a Wild and Crazy Guy, and a Blues Brother; 50- Uno y dos; 51- Sun: Prefix; 52- Affirmative votes; 54- Australian model and actress, Bailey; 56- Approved; 57- Poker prize; 60- Grimace; 61- SNL cast member who played Dick Clark's receptionist, the "buh-bye" flight attendant, and hosted the Hollywood Minute; 64- "Que ___?"; 65- Actor and one time SNL host, Neeson; 66- SNL skit starring Nicolas Cage as a tiny version of this "King"; 67- British submachine gun; 68- Scat queen Fitzgerald; 69- Historical French site of two important Catholic ecumenical councils;
1- Earth, to Mahler; 2- Bargain; 3- Like a dungeon, perhaps; 4- 401(k) alternative; 5- Roast host; 6- Shuttlecock; 7- Wander; 8- Leave dumbstruck; 9- Periods between sunrise and sunset; 10- Blue moon, e.g.; 11- SNL cast member who co-hosted Weekend Update (with Tina Fey) and later starred in Parks & Recreation; 12- Pond duck; 13- Sea eagle; 18- Landers, Bancroft and others; 23- Brought in a big sport fish; 24- Try; 25- "Comin' ___ the Rye"; 26- Out in front; 27- Mexican food condiment; 28- SNL's recurring cartoon features by longtime writer, Rob Smigel; 30- Trunk with a chest; 31- Blush; 32- Utah lilies; 34- Sock pattern; 39- Arouse feelings; 40- Old Spanish coin; 45- "Live from New York, ___ Saturday Night!"; 47- Greek sea; 48- Washington valley responsible for growing 75% of all US hops annually; 49- Like Easter eggs; 53- 1950's Ford flop; 54- Rapscallions; 55- Water under the bridge?; 56- Race track shape; 57- Peacock genus; 58- Thor's father; 59- "Guarding ___" (Shirley MacLaine movie); 62- Feel sick; 63- Thickness;