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Print Puzzle - "Classic Frozen Treats" by Pete Griffith on 8/26/2013
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1- Delicious summertime frozen treat: ___-Pop; 5- Variety of Frozen Treats in #3 Down; 10- Date location?; 14- Opera solo; 15- Davy Crockett's last stand; 16- Brand of cookie crumbles in many frozen treats; 17- What a frozen treat will do if left in the sun...; 18- Like a shoe; 19- Popular DVR system; 20- Query; 21- A frozen treat specialty with fruit, ice creams and toppings; 23- Flair; 25- ___ alai; 26- Grand ___ Island; 28- Bearing; 33- Savvy; 34- Afrikaners; 35- Historical period; 36- Celebrated female gorilla that learned human sign language; 37- Bathtub sealant; 38- 1930's heavyweight champ Max; 39- Just manage, with "out"; 40- "Faster!"; 41- Ninjas' land; 42- Frozen treats served after dinner; 44- DNA sequence maps; 45- Texas tea; 46- It might go fishing with A-Rod?; 47- The final garnish for many frozen treats; 52- Dockworkers' org.; 55- Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme; 56- Boy Scout group; 57- "How sweet ___!"; 58- George Washington: "I cannot tell ___"; 59- Molecule of 3 oxygen atoms; 60- Danish-sounding brand name for premium frozen treats, Häagen-___; 61- Sixteen-ounce carton size for many frozen treats; 62- Prods; 63- "Chestnuts roasting ___ open fire";
1- Ole Miss rival; 2- Miners' finds; 3- Frozen treats prepared in a blender; 4- Louisville Slugger; 5- Indian spice mixture; 6- Unaccompanied; 7- In ___ land (spaced-out); 8- The Untouchables, e.g.; 9- Drugstore counterman serving frozen treats; 10- Savory entree with a pastry crust; 11- Seed covering; 12- First name in jeans; 13- Not worth debating; 21- 1960 Ben E. King hit single, "Stand ___"; 22- Talk back; 24- Poi source; 26- Cooked frozen treat, "___ Alaska"; 27- Came to; 28- Decants; 29- Depend (on); 30- Frozen treat made from the three most popular flavors of ice cream; 31- Dairy ingredient used for making many a frozen treat; 32- Brings home; 34- Simpsons character voiced by Nancy Cartwright; 37- Shirley Temple film featuring "Animal Crackers In My Soup"; 38- Nemesis; 40- Successor; 41- Chrysler's off-road vehicle division originally developed for the US Army; 43- Frozen treat made with fruit puree and ice; 44- Searches blindly; 46- Make amends; 47- Fellow; 48- Grandfather of Jesus, according to Luke; 49- "___ go bragh!"; 50- Ricelike pasta; 51- Cozy corner; 53- Minnelli of "Cabaret"; 54- Org.; 57- Bachelor's last words;