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Print Puzzle - "Oo, I Do Love a Bit of History!" by Dean Rockett on 8/2/2013
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7- Educational establishment (6); 8- The cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are located in this country (6); 9- Country that has borders with Iraq and Turkey (4); 10- Hero of Greek mythology - his weakness was his heel (8); 11- Novel by James Joyce (7); 14- Department and river in northern France - a battle of World War One is also named after this area (5); 16- Water-going vessel (4); 17- Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean (7); 18- Three days after Monday (8); 20- Legendary city of Hector, Paris and Helen (4); 22- Loose, full-length coveralls (6); 23- Ablaze (2,4);
1- Skin marking due to an injury (4); 2- This city was the capital of West Germany between 1949 and 1990 (4); 3- Butcher's knife (7); 4- Not heavy (5); 5- Anthony ___, English author who created the fictional county of Barsetshire (8); 6- Christ the ___, statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro (8); 12- Opera by Giacomo Puccini (2,6); 13- Clover associated with Ireland (8); 15- City of ancient Mesopotamia (7); 19- Writing table (4); 20- William Howard ___, 27th US President (4); 21- Belonging to us (4);