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Print Puzzle - "Bond, James Bond..." by Pete Griffith on 7/25/2013
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1- James Bond's foe played by Richard Kiel in two films, notable for his steely smile.; 5- James Bond, and his coworkers at MI5; 10- "Render therefore ___ Caesar ..."; 14- Jai ___ (game); 15- Darling girl in Peter Pan; 16- Street; 17- James Bond's adversary attempting to knock over the bullion depository at Ft. Knox; 19- Poker variety; 20- Has the wheel; 21- Like most medicine men and shamans; 23- Glasgow gal; 25- "If it ___ broke ..."; 26- Field Marshal Rommel; 29- Part of E.E.C.; 32- Decorate a cake again; 35- Scottish actor who played James Bond in 7 films; 38- Hightail it; 39- Scrabble piece; 40- Rent; 41- Diva's solo; 42- Picnic crasher; 43- James Bond's day job; 45- Coastal Brazilian state; 47- Sailor's affirmative; 48- Pigeon's perch; 49- Locally-centered anthropological approach; 51- Ill-gotten gains; 53- Vehicle used by James Bond in several movies; 57- Take into custody; 61- Frequent guest on the Ed Sullivan Show, ___ Gigio; 62- James Bond portrayer who took the reins from 35 Across in 1973; 64- Mountainous locale for Stavro Blofeld's hideout in James Bond classic, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"; 65- Three-starred U.S. officer; 66- Windows alternative; 67- Acquire; 68- Affirmatives; 69- "Hey, you... over here!";
1- British cars, often used by James Bond; 2- Plenty; 3- Corduroy feature; 4- Gridiron boundary; 5- James Bond was born half English and half ___; 6- James Bond uses a modified one to melt the iron bars of his cell in Octopussy; 7- Terri Garr's role in "Young Frankenstein"; 8- Barbara of "I Dream of Jeannie"; 9- Neighbor of Israel; 10- Bearish; 11- James Bond preferred his martinis "Shaken, ___."; 12- Stretched out; 13- Casino calculation; 18- Swiss capital?; 22- Like a bog; 24- One of the five Iroquois tribes; 26- Cornerstone abbr.; 27- Her Majesty, in Madrid; 28- James Bond's pistol of choice; 30- Having a single dimension; 31- Spies again?; 33- Providing prompts to a stage actor; 34- Related maternally; 36- Cheer for a banderillero; 37- Emeritus; Abbr.; 41- Teens or young adults, for example; 43- Spinnaker, e.g.; 44- Anti-burglary device; 46- Levy; 50- Singer, Simon, who performed the theme song for the James Bond flick, The Spy Who Loved Me.; 52- Cautions; 53- Walking, armored battle tanks tripped up by Luke Skywalker and R2D2 on Hoth; 54- Seat of Allen County, Kansas; 55- Post-it message; 56- You have to break a few to make an omelette; 58- Ages and ages; 59- Hindu titles of respect; 60- Send an SMS message; 63- Wide shoe spec.;