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Print Puzzle - "Classic Toys - Part 2" by Pete Griffith on 7/14/2013
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1- Parker Brother's classic board game 'Of Strategic Conquest'; 5- Classic Milton Bradley electronic toy using four colored buttons that light up with a unique tone in a specific order; 10- Romanov ruler; 14- Present opener?; 15- 2002 Olympics venue; 16- Employ; 17- Classic building toy made of metal construction parts, turning 'Boys of Today into Tomorrow's Men'.; 19- Pelvic bones; 20- 1970 hit single from The Who, later covered by Rush on their 'reverse tribute album'.; 21- Whined; 23- The first of three in the French Tricolour; 25- Kind of bean often used in soup; 26- Granddaddy of all computers; 29- One of the Bobbsey twins; 32- Country where Mt. Everest lies; 35- Classic wooden building toy invented by the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright; 38- Software agreement; Abbr.; 39- Slug; 40- Regional flora and fauna; 41- "Let it stand", in editor-speak.; 42- Abbreviation for many abbreviations; 43- Classic drawing toy by Ohio Art allowing one to draw on a silver screen by turning two knobs; 45- Caterpillar rival; 47- Wolf down; 48- "Family Ties" mom; 49- Boxing's Oscar ___ Hoya; 51- PC hard drive connection standard; 53- Classic pedaled toy with no need for training wheels; 57- Special quality, often being lost; 61- Boxer's cover-up; 62- Classic construction toy from Hasbro using colored wooden sticks and various connectors; 64- "___ Well That Ends Well"; 65- Final commendatory stanza of an essay or poem; 66- O.K. Corral lawman; 67- Urinates; 68- "___ and day out" (repetitious); 69- Divorcees;
1- Fish eggs; 2- Nagy of Hungary; 3- Bygone dagger; 4- Under the table bribe; 5- Future fern; 6- Discount rack; Abbr.; 7- A rolling stone gathers none; 8- Classic cooking toy, Easy Bake ___; 9- Out to lunch, perhaps; 10- Steal; 11- Classic rubbery toy in a plastic egg accidentally developed during WWII by military researchers; 12- Indy winner Luyendyk; 13- Consume a periodical; 18- Utility provider being slowly replaced by cellular providers; 22- Moving vehicles; 24- Not pleasant; 26- One of a pair of prophets mentioned in the Book of Numbers; 27- Brother's daughter; 28- Classic toy candy factory from Mattel, ___ Edibles; 30- Waikiki welcome; 31- Write down; 33- Guinness and Baldwin, e.g.; 34- Carpenter's machine; 36- Pound Troy; Abbr.; 37- Tank filler; 41- Newly drafted conscript; 43- Slimy; 44- The second son of Ishmael; 46- School break; 50- Played a part; 52- Strand, in a wintery way; 53- Classic board game, Mouse ___; 54- Film part; 55- Filmmaker Wertmuller; 56- A deadly sin; 58- Deception; 59- Bronte's heroine; 60- Medicinal amts.; 63- Ornamental carp;