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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 144" by Kris Gilpin on 6/10/2013
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1- A palm of India, whose foliage is used for thatching, basketry, etc.; 5- Very, in film-soundtrack music, say.; 10- Actor's audition tape.; 14- Good, 2009 Aussie horror about a lonely prom girl's revenge, The Loved ____.; 15- "Let's just ___ __ and see After Earth, it can't be all that bad!..."; 16- Give off, as light from a projector.; 17- 2000 Palme d'Or Cannes winner, w/ Bjork as a woman going blind, ______ in the ____.; 19- Frequent drink in a Brit flick.; 20- Per ___ (yearly), like Best Films of the Year lists.; 21- Outline of a movie's plot.; 23- We watch films at our (this).; 26- You don't want a theater to have one of its own.; 27- Pacino, in The Devil's Advocate.; 29- River Phoenix & Keanu Reeves had their own private one in 1991.; 33- (Large?) garbage barge.; 37- Great '06 Ashley Judd drama, an obsessive relationship between 2 troubled souls.; 38- A set(s) in A Clockwork Orange.; 39- Stubbs of The Four Tops, he voiced Audrey II in 86's Little Shop of Horrors.; 40- '85 Cannes Special Jury Prize winner w/ Matthew Modine, who wants to fly . . . on his own.; 42- How Phileas Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days traveled.; 43- Markings that resemble eyes, as on the wings of some butterflies.; 45- It can be shocking, perhaps in a B-horror flick.; 46- Richard Farina's college novel Been Down So Long it Looks Like __ __ Me was shot in '71.; 47- Jack Black first voiced this movie animal in 2008.; 48- To plant seed, again.; 50- Iron Man 3 turned out to be this...; 52- Pretentious critics think they are all-_______.; 57- A film production needs one, too.; 61- Rajah's wife (from the film, The Rajah's Wife Who Was Mentioned in a Krisword).; 62- The chief nitrogenous component of the urine in mammals & other organisms.; 63- Antonioni's 1960, existential Cannes Special Jury Prize winner, w/ beauty Monica Vitti.; 66- Vikki/Vicki, pretty 60's/70's singer ("The Silencers") & occasional actress.; 67- Old epics needed _ huge ____ of extras, now they "copy & paste" a crowd.; 68- On a worthy Saturday, you might wanna ____ in a couple good, new movies.; 69- 1952 Randolph Scott/Donna Reed Western, Hangman's ____.; 70- Exploits.; 71- Cute egg containers.;
1- Knobby.; 2- Like Rob Schneider's "funny" movie, InAPPropriate Comedy.; 3- A pre-euro aluminum coin, seen in an older Finnish film.; 4- Actors seriously cuss under sedation?; 5- 30-day mo.; 6- An impolite word in some Brit flicks.; 7- Sets in Rush Hour 2 & Big Momma's House 2...too.; 8- How to cool off a set (short answer).; 9- Like a hand-written script.; 10- The French Mr. G., who won Cannes Best Actor (as Cyrano) in 1990.; 11- 1975's ____ of the tneicnA reniraM?; 12- Shorts are ____-movies.; 13- Miranda, lovely Aussie female actor from What Lies Beneath.; 18- Flightless flock.; 22- Film ____ was moody, (usually) B&W fun.; 24- Beloved character actor Richard Libertini played _____ Gelb in Lethal Weapon 4.; 25- A small prop case, especially one for needles, toilet articles, etc.; 28- Doctor: "Wow, After Earth looked more like afterbirth!" Nurse: "____!"; 30- As of 6/13, I wanna see Mad Max: Fury Road ____!; 31- Good actor Saoirse ("Hanna") Ronan was in 13's disappointing action-romance, The ____.; 32- 1973: Godspell, A Musical Based __ the Gospel According __ St. Matthew.; 33- Stuff like it winds up in the theater's trash cans every night.; 34- Cul-de-sacs, especially those in which large intestines begin.; 35- Theater pizza made here...; 36- Cannes cheered/booed when David Lynch's twisted ____ at _____ won the Palme d'Or in '90.; 38- A monumental tower forming the entrance to an ancient temple, in an Egyptian movie.; 41- Presented since 1955, the Drama ____ Award is considered an important American theatre award.; 44- Extol, as with a terrific film review.; 48- Theoretically, each movie sequel can ______ to the original film.; 49- Clothes are (usually) this in movies.; 51- David Keith was sent to a barbaric Siberian prison camp in this 1985 TVM.; 53- Typically fun, '74 Terence Hill/Bud Spencer comedy: _____ Out, We're Mad.; 54- Accustom (var.).; 55- Aired again on the tube.; 56- The costume dept. makes/fixes them.; 57- Some theaters offer you the choice to ____ some hard candies.; 58- A unit of capacity used for measuring fresh herring (equal to 37.5 gallons).; 59- 1994 Katherine Heigl comedy, w/ 10 Down, My Father the ____.; 60- Alice, from Star Trek Into Darkness & Ms. Arden.; 64- A tax.; 65- Along with theater audiences, they are all over m&m candy.;