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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 143" by Kris Gilpin on 5/16/2013
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1- W(ill) Ferrell does in it Step Brothers.; 6- I usually do it when I look into Mila Kunis's eyes...; 10- Bill Murray was ____ in translation in 2003.; 14- Totally dig, man!; 15- Tommy Lee & Meryl were excellent in 2012's ____ Springs.; 16- Way, way away.; 17- Casual attire.; 18- Above.; 19- Church part.; 20- W. Ferrell was in Woody Allen's _______ and _______, which told the same story twice.; 22- John Turturro does it, w/ crocodile tears, as he pleads for his life in Miller's Crossing.; 24- Fix (which didn't happen in 101 Dalmatians, obviously).; 25- Physical movie badguys are usually this, too.; 26- A charismatic Sting ______s himself into a family in 82's, Brimstone & Treacle.; 29- It was nerve wrackingly transported in Sorcerer/The Wages of Fear.; 30- Dumber 2003 sequel, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry ___ Lloyd.; 31- W. Ferrell & Marky Mark Wahlberg were The _____ Guys, in this 2010 comedy.; 33- It's rare when a character looks into the camera to "give an _____."; 37- Any loud, sustained series of sounds, like thunder, or theater applause or laughter.; 39- Part of a plane.; 41- Walked on, like a old movie theater's floor.; 42- Bit of parsley.; 44- Increase, as with an out of print DVD's price.; 46- 1977 Ingmar Bergman & David Carradine (!) drama, The Serpent's ___.; 47- A miscast Tyler Perry tried to play him in 2012's, Alex _____ (t'was a crime).; 49- Like Zach Galifianakis in W. Ferrell's The Campaign.; 51- Like the crazy, imposing John Goodman in Barton Fink.; 54- Stan & Bruce...; 55- Stars of Day of the Triffids (book) & Little Shop of Horrors.; 56- Malignant tumor.; 59- You could say theaters go thru ____ of popcorn a month.; 60- 2008 Rosario Dawson drama, Explicit ____.; 62- During The Campaign, W. Ferrell punched one.; 64- Descartes's "therefore."; 65- A genuinely funny Rob Schneider comedy would be a real one.; 66- The beauty Aishwarya Rai has donned one in many films.; 67- Textile worker.; 68- Puppy-picture monologues.; 69- The theter concession stnd offers vrious tsty _____.;
1- W. Ferrell's Stranger Than Fiction would've been great if it actually had a ___ ending!; 2- "Hey, Sarge, think these punks are our perps?" "I dunno, _._. '__!"; 3- "Say, how many nuns do ya think will go see Fifty Shades of Grey?" "Uh . . . , ____!"; 4- A young Atlantic salmon as it returns from the sea to fresh water for the first time (not Nemo).; 5- W. Ferrell & Woody Harrelson shot hoops in 2008's ____-___.; 6- Many movie bad guys are this.; 7- Bit.; 8- Mail place (abbr.).; 9- AKA movie hipster, man.; 10- Pretty bad 2009 comedy starring W. Ferrell & dinosaurs, ____ of the ____.; 11- Theoretically, teens had to be __ ___ to see W. Ferrell's Old School movie alone.; 12- Schindler was one.; 13- Guy Pearce sported a long (real) one in The Proposition.; 21- John Cusack journeyed with her (Miss G.) in 1985.; 23- A celebrity may have one (or, rather, thinks they do).; 25- A cooking wine made from rice, sweeter than sake (in some Japanese films).; 26- A good theater will have some good ones (ya hear me?).; 27- Dribble.; 28- Lindsay Lohan is (was?) one (not a thespian).; 29- The escaped replicants in Blade Runner were of the _____-6 variety.; 32- W. Ferrell was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which had some _____ but funny humor.; 34- A good badguy does this to the hero & the viewing audience.; 35- Alpha ___ (2006) & 2002's ___ Soldiers (woof?).; 36- Could describe Hard Candy, or Secretary.; 38- S/he who gives official permission to do something.; 40- Molly Shannon smelled her armpits in W. Ferrell's '99 comedy, _____star.; 43- It was true in 1969 & again in 2010.; 45- Got the part, before they got the part?; 48- Harden, like your butt after sitting thru 74's The Great Gatsby.; 50- Map line.; 51- _____ out (declined).; 52- W. Ferrell & "Napoleon Dynamite" were on ice in 2007's, Blades of _____.; 53- The finest actors have a big one.; 54- Arnold's fun The ____ Stand & the lousy The ____ Exorcism Part II (both 2013).; 56- Paul Newman, ice hockey, dirty, funny, 1977: ____ Shot.; 57- Turner & Hooch's Ms. Winningham.; 58- "Not on _ ___ could you drag me to another Twilight movie, honey!"; 61- Hula hoop?; 63- ___'s great 1975 prog rock (love it!) concert film, ___songs.;