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Print Puzzle - "Monty Python's Flying Circus" by Pete Griffith on 5/15/2013
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1- One Monty Python sketch featured a multi-stage contest of these upperclass dweebs; 6- In one Monty Python sketch, it was featured in every single item on the breakfast menu; 10- Some N.C.O.'s, including one from Monty Python's "Marching Up and Down the Square" sketch; 14- Assistant to the chancellor in European universities; 15- "Me neither"; 16- Niagara River source; 17- Monty Python sketch featuring Arthur Putey trying to get a government grant from a certain ministry; 19- Movie theater; 20- Post- opposite?; 21- Chapstick targets; 22- Previous; 24- Popular 1993 computer game; 25- Helpful one; 26- Former Spanish province returned to Morocco in 1969; 29- Phrase repeatedly heard on Monty Python shows, "And now for something ___ different."; 33- In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, King Arthur notes that swallows are known to fly in this direction; 35- Roman bronze coins; 36- In the manner of; 37- Monetary unit in Sydney; 38- Use authority unjustly; 41- ___-Man (arcade game); 42- Para and Uru neighbor in S.A.; 43- Pupil's place; 44- Prefix meaning 'wind'; 46- Monty Python sketch featuring John Cleese unsuccessfully trying to purchase a dairy snack; 50- Ayatollah's land; 51- "Of course!"; 52- Deaden; 54- A witch's spell; 56- Office note; 57- As yet unscheduled: Abbr.; 60- Foot: Prefix; 61- This famous Monty Python sketch is set in a pet shop where John Cleese has an issue with his Norweigian Blue; 64- Endorse; 65- Sicilian resort; 66- Mock (as the French soldiers did to King Arthur, e.g.); 67- Designer Cassini; 68- June 6, 1944; 69- Monty Python's Eric Idle interviews a symphony composer, "Arthur 'Two-___' Jackson" in a talk show sketch;
1- Recipe amt.; 2- Small dam; 3- Monty Python member, Eric ___; 4- ___ Aviv; 5- Like a fox would; 6- Shape up; 7- D.C. bigwigs; 8- Biblical boat; 9- Puts in the wrong folder; 10- Clandestine; 11- In Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life", Death came to a party in this form; 12- Fork prong; 13- Fortuneteller; 18- Minn's neighbor to the east; 23- Ukrainian port on the Black Sea; 24- Cambridge univ.; 25- Vaulted recess; 26- Sci-Fi writer, Asimov; 27- Agricultural youth org.; 28- Officially entitled "Candid Photography", this Monty Python sketch in a pub is commonly known by this phrase; 30- Quagmire; 31- One Monty Python sketch has a Spaniard singing of this Andean animal (a quadruped with a beak and fins); 32- Peruvian ground apple; 34- Makes use of a pulley; 39- Came before; 40- "Nonsense!"; 45- Pen point; 47- Rope for fastening a sail to a yard; 48- Eventually; 49- Low-cut women's shoe; 53- Castle ditches; 54- Lhasa ___ (dog); 55- Install the underside of a roof; 56- Magical, life-giving force; 57- Unwaveringly loyal; 58- 007; 59- Lawyers: Abbr.; 62- Terminus; 63- Cheerleader's word;