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Print Puzzle - "On the Newsstand..." by Pete Griffith on 4/28/2013
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1- Monthly magazine that went head to head with the weekly S.I. for the second half of the last decade.; 6- A dirty, deadly sin; 10- Work without ___ (be daring); 14- Nickname for the National Magazine Awards "Golden Elephant" statue; 15- Niagara River source; 16- Start all over; 17- Conde Nast's monthly magazine devoted to a popular outdoor sport; 19- Either fraternal or identical; 20- ___-Locka, Fla.; 21- June 6, 1944; 22- John Dillinger's specialties; 24- Kremlin turn-down; 25- What magazine publishers hope you'll do before your subscription expires; 26- As well; 29- Monthly magazine for the automotive enthusiast; 33- Type of flowering plant that includes magnolias; 35- Like a 911 call (abbr.); 36- Fair hiring company's want-ad abbr.; 37- Traditional gift for arriving passengers in Honolulu; 38- Song played before many hockey games; 41- Frontiersman and Indian fighter, Carson; 42- Manhattan addition?; 43- Frenzy; 44- Sign of life to a first responder, perhaps; 46- Conde Nast's surviving monthly epicurean magazine since the demise of Gourmet; 50- Ogler; 51- Moves briskly, like a horse; 52- ___ a soul (nobody); 54- "a ___" (based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment); 56- Mark of a ruler; 57- Indians on the scoreboard; 60- Sukiyaki ingredient; 61- Conde Nast's monthly magazine of pop culture, fashion and current events; 64- Christian denom.; 65- Black, to poets; 66- Honeydew or cantaloupe, e.g.; 67- Sprint; 68- Squeeled to the cops; 69- Online version of a publication;
1- Western lily; 2- Alka-Seltzer sound; 3- Stewpot; 4- Non-profit org. promoting literacy with free books since 1966; 5- Kind of bear named after the 26th president of the US; 6- Smooth, musically speaking; 7- Manhattan Project scientist who discovered deuterium; 8- Bro's sibling; 9- Tied up; 10- More pretentious; 11- Magazine genre that was once a major source of info on current events before cable and Internet arrived; 12- Proofread and polish a magazine article, perhaps; 13- Scads; 18- Footnote word; 23- Snare; 24- Luke's response to hearing that Darth Vader was his father?; 25- Tomato variety; 26- Improvise; 27- Deceive; 28- The oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S. (since 1845): ___ American; 30- Basic belief; 31- Hullabaloo; 32- Dissuade; 34- Lethargy; 39- Prisoners; 40- Ripens; 45- 180° turn, slangily; 47- Stimulate; 48- 1/9 of a normal baseball game; 49- Diplomacy; 53- Bust a ___ (be a rapper); 54- Wing: Prefix; 55- What Juan wears?; 56- Get ___ the ground floor; 57- City southwest of Bogotá; 58- Rear half of a griffin; 59- Coastal raptor; 62- Aladdin's monkey; 63- Shriner's cap;