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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 142" by Kris Gilpin on 4/27/2013
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1- 2nd in a trilogy of fun sleaze films, 76's Ilsa, _____ Keeper of the Oil Sheiks.; 6- Mr. L., played Harrison Ford's relative in a movie.; 10- Mini racer (no, not Cruise in Days of Thunder).; 14- It's almost sad when I have to see several matinees _____.; 15- Sometimes Hollywood takes one after a public screening (usually bad for the film!).; 16- Kills, as sometimes heard in a mob movie.; 17- He was Humbert Humbert in (Stanley) Kubrick's film of Nabokov's novel, Lolita.; 19- Tommy guns in old thrillers seemingly used to go ___-_-tat.; 20- David Paymer, in City Slickers.; 21- Brewer's equipment.; 22- Some newspapers (whatever those were) seemed ______ than others.; 24- Film, to movie, say.; 26- Bunch.; 27- Like Kubrick's Spartacus.; 28- Brownish vascular membranes of the eyeballs.; 32- Sonar (in a Brit flick).; 35- 2001 Alan Rickman film about an annual Brit hairdressing championship, Blow ___.; 36- Of or pertaining to a dukedom, in a Brit film.; 37- Many folks thought Russell Crowe sang like this in Les Miz.; 38- Caviar.; 39- The scary little boy who returned from the Pet Sematary.; 40- Like lots of thumbs up.; 42- Propel, in a way.; 43- Great '79 John Huston film, based on Flannery O'Connor's novel, Wise _____.; 44- The hotel in Kubrick's film of Stephen King's novel, The Shining.; 46- Dustin Hoffman prop in Tootsie.; 47- Possible (thumbs down) film rating & not just for horse movies.; 48- Rogue Ryan O'Neal _______ himself upon dangerous people in Kubrick's Barry Lyndon.; 52- Undisturbed, like (hopefully) you during a movie.; 55- Like another thumbs down film rating.; 56- The colonel finally showed his toward the general in Kubrick's Paths of Glory.; 57- Peter Falk used tons of it post-shower in The Thing About My Folks.; 58- Broiled bites on a stick (yum).; 61- A good comedy, like Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove, should ____ laughs.; 62- 1939, Carole Lombard, Jimmy Stewart: Made for ____ Other.; 63- Cast out.; 64- 1987, Kubrick: Full ____l Jacket (I know, sloppy, sorry).; 65- 2005 holiday horrorshow w/ an evil fat man, Santa's ____.; 66- In olden days, the manager _____ the film reels up to the projection booth (pres. tense).;
1- Muslims who have made pilgrimages to Mecca.; 2- Of or pertaining to wings.; 3- In Kubrick's film, Spartacus revolted against this Republic.; 4- Compass dir.; 5- Any of a family of subatomic particles that are composed of a quark & an antiquark (adj.).; 6- Bad, 1983 snake-horrorshow w/ Peter Fonda & Oliver Reed, _____s.; 7- Twilight came quickly for this limp 2013 action romance (w/ The).; 8- 1969 Peace Prize grp.; 9- Magnet alloy.; 10- Star of Kubrick's Paths of Glory & Spartacus.; 11- The deep purple berry of a Central & South American palm tree.; 12- A network, as of nerves or blood vessels.; 13- Peter the Great, e.g.; 18- Virginia, of Fort Dobbs & The Silver Chalice.; 23- From The Monster Squad: "Wolfman's got ____s!"; 25- An incidental or passing remark, opinion, etc. (Like, "My, but didn't Scary Movie 5 suck?!"); 26- Charles, director of Baby Boom & the Alfie remake.; 28- The bad guy will virtually always do it.; 29- Inside cinemas are octopi?!; 30- Slur against an Italian character.; 31- Like Kane's Rosebud.; 32- A poster in Scatman Crothers's room (in Kubrick's The Shining) featured a huge one.; 33- Pole, e.g.; 34- The final astronaut in Kubrick's 2001.; 35- A minion of Malcolm McDowell's in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.; 41- Bill Murray called Dustin Hoffman this in Tootsie.; 43- The breast of an animal.; 45- Unwelcome obligations, like paying to see The Last Exorcism Part 2.; 46- The great Peter Sellers was in ____ Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove & Lolita.; 48- Could describe flicks like Piranha 3DD.; 49- Brad Pitt spent 7 years there in 1997.; 50- What some do when handwriting a script.; 51- Indie directors often have many.; 52- Paz Vega was a grocery clerk in 2006's 10 ____s or Less.; 53- Like Barry Lyndon, or Lolita.; 54- Many necks got it in 2007's Sweeney Todd.; 55- Printer's unit.; 59- (Kubrick's) 2001's "one-eyed bad guy."; 60- A Hollyrarity!: Tom Hanks apparently doesn't have one.;