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Print Puzzle - "Noodle guys (1310)" by Gareth Bain on 4/24/2013
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1- Some are liberal; 5- Corporal punishment option; 10- Cosmetics company with many reps; 14- One saving the day; 15- Fry, but with class; 16- Like early Beatles recordings; 17- Dendrite's opposite, in a nerve cell; 18- *Major Neoclassical architect; 20- Sloop part; 22- A pop; 23- Sorento car-maker; 24- Drug trial control; 28- "Just What I Needed" pop group; 30- Long, long time; 31- ___ Arena (Sacramento stadium's old name); 33- Not just your; 34- *"Johnny English" actor; 38- Popular tablet; 39- Wing; 40- Function; 43- *Norwegian explorer who led the first expedition to traverse the Northwest Passage; 48- Golf club VIP; 49- Sushi bar libation; 50- G-men's org.; 51- BLT middle; 55- Letter salutation; 57- In the style of; 58- ___ of Steel; 60- Blacktop; 61- *"Never Gonna Give You Up" singer; 65- Seriously hurt; 68- Isao in the Golf Hall of Fame; 69- Temporary peace; 70- Sicilian smoker; 71- "Come Sail Away" prog rockers; 72- Milkshake ingredient, sometimes; 73- Heat up, as a TV Dinner;
1- "I KNEW you were up to something!"; 2- Unimaginitve dog name; 3- Homer chronicled it; 4- Sega hedgehog; 5- Former Trans-Atl. flier; 6- Eastern "Way"; 7- Big smoke newcomer; 8- Bothered; 9- Use as a roost; 10- Org. for docs; 11- "Fiddler on the Roof" tipple; 12- Live; 13- Spanish surrender; 19- El Norte; 21- 34a role, Mister ___; 24- Prefix with "-scope" and "-meter"; 25- Shoelace feature; 26- Car cover; 27- Set of eight; 29- Three, it's said; 32- Gumbo pods; 35- Take in, as a shelter dog; 36- "Grrrrrrr!!!"; 37- Silent era vampire; 41- Civil War soldiers; 42- Heal, as bones; 44- Island before Jamaica in the lyrics to "Kokomo"; 45- Destructive insects; 46- Instrument for Tiny Tim; 47- Undiluted; 51- "___ Theme"; 52- "Murder in the Cathedral" author; 53- In poor taste?; 54- Logbook record; 56- Cheap noodles, or, read differently, the starred people?; 59- Speak unintelligibly; 62- Puffy brand; 63- Coin worth five francs, once; 64- "Fer sure!"; 66- Comic's supply; 67- ___ West;