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Print Puzzle - "T Time" by Rob Sovulewski on 2/5/2007
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1- Old worn out horse.; 5- Ask for at Supercuts, maybe.; 9- Small short necked river duck, or a bluish green.; 13- Unclear, difficult to see.; 14- Take back, for short.; 15- The capital of Norway.; 16- Worship; 17- A scent.; 18- British and US. Majors.; 19- Won back to back Junior Amature Championships.; 21- He gets on this for a proposal.; 22- "Cold ___" Kiss song.; 23- Rosen Enterprises and Service Games merged in 1965.; 25- Stanza of six lines; 29- Epic, Legacy and Sony; e.g.; 32- To tell the truth.; 33- Layer of paint.; 37- Dish, (out); 38- Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, James _____.; 39- Aids; 41- Not here.; 43- An informal duck?; 45- House rodents; 46- Subsidiary of Sony BMG. A label.; 47- Overjoy; 49- Deans, elders; e.g.; 51- Beach.; 53- Ban, social place.; 54- 2nd half of 69 across. Reversed.; 57- The PGA, US Open; e.g.; 63- He placed ____. Wager.; 64- Radiance.; 65- Marine growth; 66- Loud scream in a arena, maybe; 67- Egyptian goddess of fertility; 68- Reasoning; 69- 1st half of 54 across. Reversed; 70- Degenerate; 71- Greek god of love;
1- Yoda, Luke; e.g; 2- "Jeff is ___" Informal term for a man.; 3- ____ Straits; 4- To come forth, into existence.; 5- Todd Hamilton won the '04 British Open at this Royal course.; 6- A do over.; 7- Apples portiable media players.; 8- A small piece.; 9- Shot one over par on a hole, one might say.; 10- Get golf highlites here, maybe.; 11- Leeward.; 12- Texas is this Star State.; 13- Its illegal to put cork in it.; 20- Sorceress; 24- A tool to break up Ore.; 25- Sega of Amer.; 26- Took 3 shots on a 5. A gold coin worth $10.00.; 27- To take a base.; 28- Green Jacket.; 30- Run away with a lover; 31- Leader of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir _____.; 34- May be on a CD that comes with a new PC.; 35- Muhammad ____. Prize fighter.; 36- Some call it the fifth maj.; 40- Four door car.; 42- Elitegroup Computer Sys.; 44- SFO info.; 48- Involve; 50- A prophet. Matrix style.; 52- Drench.; 53- Cheeky.; 54- Partner, not for long?; 55- River in central England; 56- Recording Industry Association of America. Org.; 58- ____ Acid.; 59- Anchor, to secure.; 60- a evil person who likes to live? Therefore!; 61- Nymph.; 62- Elvis's fav. saying.;