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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 141" by Kris Gilpin on 4/16/2013
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1- 1955 Richard Conte film noir w/ beauty photography, The Big _____.; 6- S'dog, s'bird or _'___?; 10- "Baloney!"; 14- WWI soldier.; 15- The Aussie who directed The Truman Show.; 16- Learning method, as with dialogue, say.; 17- The bad guy always tries to _____ the good guy's apple cart.; 18- Intimately, deeply.; 19- AKA jet black.; 20- Wax can be one.; 22- Criminal (Sean) Connery was Dusty Hoffman's dad in 1989's uneven, ______ Business.; 24- We all do it, to a movie, in our heads.; 25- Will supplement, sometimes in a legal scene.; 26- AKA acetylene.; 29- Singer & Petty.; 30- Frequent Powell co-star.; 31- In A Christmas Story, one who says, "I triple dog (____) you!"; 33- What a conniving woman will often do in a film noir.; 37- Elizabeth Berkleyy would ____ dancee in Showgirlss.; 39- Barbara Bel Geddes was _____ Wood in Hitch's Vertigo.; 41- The star of Jonathan Livingston Seagull liked to do it.; 42- The Big ____ (OK 1941 Marx Bros.).; 44- Connery romanced pretty Janet Munro in 59's Darby _____ and the Little People.; 46- 1974 Greg Peck Western, Billy ___ Hats.; 47- Elton's J.'s "We All Fall in Love Sometimes": "...but our _____ sky was filled with laughter..."; 49- Arouse.; 51- Some people needed them while watching Connery's romantic Robin and Marian.; 54- Do the elite use it in a script?; 55- Apparently, Madonna will always be one.; 56- This Camp was the site of Adam Sandler's Grown Ups.; 59- Attired, as in, say, a film.; 60- Note: a footnote note.; 62- The middle one of a chain of 3 small bones in the middle ear of mammals.; 64- Mesa dweller.; 65- Pitch, in the music dept.; 66- Tommy Lee Jones & Steven Seagal were in 1992's Under _____.; 67- Tom Smothers is actually great with one.; 68- Every (film) genre involves soup?; 69- Quark-plus-antiquark particle.;
1- PC "brain." (Beware HAL 9000!); 2- "Manager, isn't this Les Miz?" "No, Sir, it's Mamma Mia!" "____!!"; 3- ___-en-scene.; 4- What your orbs would be after a 5-hour rough cut of Alexander.; 5- 1981 Connery S-F action, described as "High Noon in outer space."; 6- Super sleazy movie bad guys can be called this, too.; 7- Very early flickers cost this much in arcades.; 8- Afflict.; 9- One problem with Hollytrite is that they often don't even ___ ___ an entertaining movie.; 10- Viggo Mortensen was great as a Russian tough guy w/ a heart in 2007's Eastern ________.; 11- Charged, in a way.; 12- Pens & needles.; 13- The univalent hydrocarbon radical, C 6 H 13.; 21- A major CGI movie requires _ ____ of FX people.; 23- The basics of Morse code is _ ___ & a dah (times countless multiples).; 25- Literally, "dwarf dog." ("Wof"?); 26- Additions, used by the construction dept.; 27- The costume dept. usually tailors actors' clothes to fit this way.; 28- Prop in a junkie film.; 29- Having a narrow horizontal surface like a shelf & projecting from a wall.; 32- Scenes in Scum & Natural Born Killers.; 34- Bit of dust.; 35- Stooge (who plays chess?).; 36- AKA "the horse movie," Bobcat Goldthwait's Hot to ____ (1988) was partly a guilty pleasure.; 38- Meg Ryan was Connery's daughter in this 1988 Officer's Club crime film (w/ The).; 40- Like Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings.; 43- Flightless flock, in an Aussie flick.; 45- A disease chiefly of horses & cattle, characterized by weakness & paralysis.; 48- Like Ellen Page.; 50- Connery was married to thief Tippi Hedren in this 1964 Hitch pitchure.; 51- I basically hate computers, so I am not one...; 52- Block house in an icy film?; 53- Like an old melodrama.; 54- Feet or footlike parts.; 56- The little me.; 57- First-rate, as a film review (R.I.P., Roger Ebert).; 58- His middle name was Marie & he wrote the Les Miz novel.; 61- Gator Bait 2 was a swamp flick that got ___ged down.; 63- The great Donald Pleasence's initialled name in THX-1138.;