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Print Puzzle - "Three Bones (1209)" by Gareth Bain on 4/13/2013
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1- Ena's nephew; 6- Unwraps crudely; 10- Fill completely; 14- Decorate; 15- ___ Minor; 16- Dino that comes to life in "Night at the Museum"; 17- Old Testament's first five books; 18- Reach an agreement, after long effort; 20- Opthalmic application; 22- Way to go; 23- Act the swain; 25- The E in BCE; 26- Delilah's seducee; 27- "Il Trovatore" tune; 31- MD's specialization; 32- Mr. who went to town; 33- ___ and dined; 35- Garment typically worn over one shoulder; 36- Hurls an insult; 38- Move furtively; 42- Museum employee; 44- ___-ski (evening activies at Aspen); 45- Know-___; 48- Old-fashioned fire-fighting gadget; 51- Ill Will; 53- Be led astray; 54- ISP option; 55- Birthplace of Columbus; 56- Nasty types; 59- Location of the ossicles, whose common names are to be found in the longest entries of this crossword; 61- Witchy woman; 64- Together, in music; 65- First, second or third, but not fourth; 66- Took a look, and another look, and another...; 67- Goes out in the afternoon?; 68- Ran, as colors; 69- Sweetie;
1- Cricketer's "willow"; 2- Shakesperean fuss; 3- To boot; 4- Be a real ass; 5- Walking tall?; 6- Irrepressibly enthusiastic; 7- Golfer Aoki; 8- MTV show "___ My Ride"; 9- Rocket fired at a MIG; 10- Senator Thurmond; 11- Stimulate; 12- Ancient German; 13- Length or breadth; 19- Wipe out; 21- Zaire, now (abbr.); 23- Piles of dough; 24- ___-day vitamins; 26- Phoenix NBA team; 28- "Yeah, cat!"; 29- Sergeant Snorkel, to Otto; 30- Off-shore installation; 34- Actor Johnny who portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow; 36- Comic strip featuring the couple "Richandamy"; 37- Tyrannical Amin; 39- Much of Iron Butterfly's "Ina-Gadda-Da-Vidda"; 40- Amythests and agates; 41- Sports ntwk; 43- The ___ suspects; 44- Jam fruit; 45- Larry who played J.R. on Dallas; 46- Five Nations Indian; 47- Conclude; 49- Brought up; 50- "Ode on a Grecian ___"; 52- Fashions; 56- One of three in a typical day; 57- Lack of difficulty; 58- Therefore; 60- Flow back; 62- Tot's beach accessory; 63- Newspaper heads;