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Print Puzzle - "Comicbook SuperHeroes" by Pete Griffith on 4/4/2013
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1- Leg-pulling villain of the venerated SuperHero, Batman; 6- Type of enemy that most SuperVillains were to one or more SuperHeroes?; 10- SuperHero accessory for Superman, Batman and Robin, but not for Spiderman, Aquaman or Ironman; 14- Nonsensical; 15- Acronym for the Big Easy; 16- Grasped; 17- Popular monicker for Superman; 19- Indy winner Luyendyk or his son; 20- x2 ?; 21- Human survivors of an off-world insane asylum, protected by SuperHero, Rocket Raccoon; 23- Bullfight cheer; 25- League of SuperHeroes including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America; 28- Christian who played the role of The Dark Knight in several recent Hollywood hits; 30- For some humans, it must be altered before they can become a SuperHero, e.g.; 31- Alias of Professor Xavier's trusted spy, Sage, in the X-Men SuperHero universe; 32- Chilling SuperHero and founding member of the X-Men whose chief power is known as 'cryokinesis'; 35- Site of the WWI battle where the Western Front met the sea; 37- This puzzle's theme; 41- Prefix with -syncrasy; 42- Gather on the surface, chemically speaking; 45- Addis ___, Ethiopia; 49- Astronaut Grissom; 51- SuperHero, Batman, was the protector of Gotham ___; 52- Teenager who was accidentally exposed to radioactive spider venom, causing him to mutate into Spiderman; 56- Stan, Marvel Comics' prolific SuperHero creator, author and publisher; 57- Aggressive, carnivorous fish found in the Amazon River area; 58- Bakery supply; 60- First family's home?; 61- Wealthy alter-ego of the SuperHero, Batman; 66- Too; 67- Davenport; 68- Former Montreal major leaguers; 69- Allows; 70- Corvette roof option; 71- Late actor, Christopher, who portrayed the iconic SuperHero and his alter-ego, Clark Kent;
1- Jungle ___, an early American comic strip hero created to accompany the adventures of Flash Gordon; 2- Out ___ limb; 3- Plucked instruments from Finland, similar to zithers; 4- Sufficient, old-style; 5- Replaced equipment, as with sailing ships; 6- Placed a chip in the pot; 7- ___ v. Wade; 8- Indians on an MLB scoreboard?; 9- Berry, portrayer of SuperHero Storm in the X-Men film series; 10- Trade coins for paper money, perhaps; 11- Homes for eaglets; 12- Modern hand-tools based on the design of blacksmith tongs; 13- Early capital of Macedonia; 18- Institution using a .EDU web address, perhaps; 22- Pathless; 23- Kimono sash; 24- Fond du ___, Wis.; 26- Whatever time, day or night; 27- A place for roses; 29- Relative of an ostrich; 33- Collection of beehives; 34- Actor, Beatty, who played Lex Luther's henchman in the Superman movies; 36- Historic period; 38- Latvia's capital; 39- Top-left keyboard key; 40- It might be clay or it might be loam; 43- Rural rd.; 44- "See ya!"; 45- Challenge a verdict; 46- What many people will do when they are laid-off; 47- Motionless; 48- Flatulence preventers; 50- Baggage handler; 53- Blue Ribbon brewery; 54- Wide shoe specification; 55- More crude; 59- Old German duchy surrounding Magdeburg; 62- Decay; 63- ET's craft?; 64- Thanksgiving mo.; 65- Oahu-to-Maui dir.;