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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 140" by Kris Gilpin on 4/3/2013
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1- ____'_ "Fernando" (& others) were heard in Muriel's Wedding.; 6- Baloney, brother.; 10- Ryan Gosling ____ through the great Drive.; 14- Rom coms are about new/old _____s.; 15- Windows alternative.; 16- Lovely Lake Bell was in 2011's sexy, A Good Old Fashioned ____.; 17- Skin problem.; 18- Theories.; 19- Balcony section, in old movie theaters.; 20- 1998 Michael (M.) Douglas remake of Dial M for Murder, A _______ Murder.; 22- The fun film job, building the movie piece by piece...; 24- A pirated ___ of a film will get you into legal trouble.; 25- Relatively rigid & immobile regions of continental portions of the earth's crust.; 26- 1979 Sean Connery S-F action flick about a possible space killer.; 29- "Hey, do you havve _____ breaad in this markeet?"; 30- Prop in Deliverance.; 31- Stephen King's book, Under the (____), is about a _____ small town (also an upcoming miniseries).; 33- A reason for a Take 2 (or 3, or 30...).; 37- Soviet ballistic missile.; 39- 2010 M. Douglas sequel, Wall Street: _____ Never Sleeps.; 41- There was a funny, physical ____ scene in Couples' Retreat.; 42- A ____ of papers is needed to write a script.; 44- What a killer will often do in a bloody scene.; 46- Film, like lit. & music, is this at its best.; 47- What people try to do when a character passes out.; 49- Extras in The Birds?; 51- A bat, in a baseball movie (slang).; 54- Squeezed.; 55- People w/ the lack of intellectual development (psych.).; 56- M. Douglas was in this 2011 thriller, about a pretty, female black ops super soldier.; 59- See, as a film (Latin).; 60- 1968's ___ Station Zebra & 1997's The ___ Storm.; 62- Period.; 64- Horace volume.; 65- Like Nic Cage, or Juliette Binoche...; 66- An inspired sage or poet (Hindu.).; 67- Tax, in a Brit flick.; 68- Babe extras.; 69- Beats it, man.;
1- Back, on board.; 2- A spot of light, in an aircraft or submarine movie.; 3- Tom Hardy, in The Dark Knight Rises.; 4- Punish w/ an arbitrary penalty.; 5- Nemo & friends?; 6- Like a big orange (yum).; 7- Research facil.; 8- Malcolm McDowell showed a lot of it in A Clockwork Orange.; 9- To thrust out.; 10- 2009 M. Douglas rom com dram, about a formerly rich N.Y. car dealer, ________ Man.; 11- First: Prefix.; 12- Let Him Have It shows what might happen if you ___ __ someone to commit a crime.; 13- Costuming/make-up dept. workers, at times.; 21- A memory chip which can be erased & reprogrammed using ultraviolet light.; 23- Did you make a ____ to see 2010's Due ____ on a ____?; 25- In 1999, Tobey Maguire worked in the _____ House.; 26- Carrie-Anne, from Disturbia.; 27- 1939 Cagney & Raft crime thriller, ____ Dawn I Die.; 28- De Niro (priest) & Duvall (cop) starred in 1981's ____ Confessions.; 29- Plural of penny, in a Brit film.; 32- Antiquated.; 34- Horse of a certain color.; 35- Fred ("the ____") Palowakski was a character in the Revenge of the Nerds flicks.; 36- 1982's Deadly Eyes was a horror made from James Herbert's (R.I.P.) first novel, The ____.; 38- M. Douglas helped kill 2 deadly lions (named Ghost & ________) in a 1996 true story.; 40- Turns out that what peeps were eating in Soylent Green was very (this).; 43- In 1989, Daniel Day-Lewis could only control his left one.; 45- Like Mr. Coors & Mr. Pumpkin (ale).; 48- Like The Jungle Book's Baloo.; 50- Pertaining to, or derived from, fatty or oily substances.; 51- 2005 Anne Hathaway crime drama, about the thug lifestyle.; 52- Ammonia derivative.; 53- Hands over.; 54- Pacino is so smooth, it seems he just _____ into his acting roles.; 56- Blood pigment.; 57- Angela Bassett played this Parks in a 2002 TVM.; 58- Real, authentic.; 61- Dialogue from The Birds.; 63- 1988 Jeff Bridges bio drama, Tucker: The Man and ___ Dream.;