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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 139" by Kris Gilpin on 3/24/2013
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1- Common request.; 5- Many an indie filmmaker ____ someone $$$.; 9- Good actors are _____ at their craft than bland ones.; 14- Birthplace of 7 U.S. presidents.; 15- "They made a Grown Ups 2? ____! Thanks for the warning!"; 16- Figure of speech.; 17- 1981 WWI Aussie title w/ Mel Gibson fighting the Turkish army (also in this place).; 19- Every actor lives for them.; 20- ...kay, ___, emm...; 21- "Hey, theat. man., tell the project. to turn it up!"; 22- The Saunders _______s played the infant Harry Potter in H.P. and the Philosopher's Stone.; 24- Do you think they drank sweet ___ in the Southern, 1991 film, Rambling ____?; 26- The Godfather was one.; 27- 2009's underrated Where the Wild Things ___ was mostly an Aussie shoot.; 28- Beauty Kari Wuhrer was in the weak 2001 thriller, ___ Neighbor's Wife.; 29- 3-handed card game using 32 cards, sometimes seen in German movies.; 33- In a movie I always ___ __ an exit, in case I gotta (you know).; 36- Celebs usually take one to events.; 37- The great Ray Winstone starred in the 2009 U.K. crime drama, 44 ____ Chest.; 38- There was more than one on early TV sets.; 39- Aussie who played Mr. C. Dundee.; 40- Container weight.; 41- Eskimo theaters (are) under ice (?).; 42- Lady who used to call door to door.; 43- Turn red or yellow, say.; 44- "Ock, you hove o lorge ____ on your orm!"; 45- Could be a movie room.; 46- Warhol subject.; 47- Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter films (for short).; 49- Gives a hoot (or more) on a farm.; 53- On view in the Aussie film, Picnic at Hanging Rock.; 56- Great 2009 Aussie, post-prom revenge flick, The Loved ___s.; 57- Diane Keaton, Annie Hall, "Well, ___-di-dah..."; 58- Betelgeuse's constellation.; 59- Disappointing 2008 Aussie (obviously, ahem) Kidman/Jackman historical drama.; 62- The funny Bob & Ray had a routine a la, "Casting steel _____s with the housewife in mind."; 63- Gull-like bird, as seen in, The Horrifying Attack of the, uh, Gull-like Birds!; 64- Short toilets?; 65- Flips through, like a script.; 66- Sawbucks.; 67- Floating, perhaps, as Hanks in Castaway.;
1- Man of many words?; 2- Kind of oil.; 3- Yul Brynner played him in 1968's Western, _____ Rides.; 4- Campaigner, for short.; 5- Counter.; 6- 2000/2004: The _____ Nine/Ten Yards.; 7- Moray, say.; 8- A (moving) character in a railroad movie.; 9- A road movie also involves this.; 10- A long haired Guy Pearce was in this violent, 2005 Aussie Western (w/ The).; 11- "...For whom the bell ____s, it ____s for thee," John Donne. (Or was it Quasimodo?); 12- Rapier w/ a 3-sided blade & a guard over the tip.; 13- The theater toilette is also "the room where you ____."; 18- Keenen _____ is part of the big Wayans entertainment family.; 23- Bad S-F B-movie: "Hold your Death ___ __ that stupid earthling, Qkl3zie!"; 25- 2002 historical Aussie drama about 3 escaped Outback girls, ______-_____ Fence.; 28- The hybrid offspring of a male tiger & a female lion (here, kitty).; 30- A crest or summit of a small hill (in a Brit flick).; 31- Big plot.; 32- James Woods was in Joshua ____ and Now (1985), about the life of a Jewish writer.; 33- Bias.; 34- Deep Purple: "Gonna get a message through, you're gonna, ____ the fire."; 35- Scorsese's Shine a Light docu was on the Stones' A Bigger Bang ____.; 36- A meal eaten in token of brotherly (____) & charity.; 39- Wore.; 43- Sadly, some old films are _____ than others.; 46- Rays.; 48- The great Dennis Miller did them on his old cable show.; 49- A warrant officer responsible for the maintenance of a warship & its equipment.; 50- Earthen pots for holding water, cooking, etc., in a Spanish movie.; 51- Give up.; 52- _____ apso (woof!).; 53- Shake-a-spear: "Double, double ____ and trouble, fire burn, and caldron bubble..."; 54- Coastal raptor.; 55- Baryshnikov's birthplace.; 60- Arthur Godfrey handled it.; 61- Carte start.;