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Print Puzzle - "The Muppets" by Pete Griffith on 3/19/2013
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1- Red Muppet who refers to himself (and everyone else) exclusively in third-person; 5- Revenuers; 9- Muppet prawn from Spain with a small head and four arms; 13- Luau souvenirs; 14- Assumed name; 16- In the thick of; 17- Europe's highest volcano; 18- Where President Obama's father was born; 19- Danish toy blocks maker; 20- Blue Muppet with a voracious appetite, especially for his favorite treat; 23- The Green Wave, in college sports; 24- The Buckeyes, briefly; 25- Prime meridian std.; 28- R.R. stop; 29- Parade spoiler; 32- Existing thing; 34- Two Muppet roommates named for supporting characters in "It's a Wonderful Life"; 36- "___ Baby" (song from "Hair"); 39- Prefix with propyl; 40- A beast like Sweetums, a huge, scary Muppet with a very genial nature; 41- The TV show that launched the career of most of the Muppets; 46- Assigned a duty; 47- Southern pronoun; 48- Show to a seat, informally; 51- Baggage ticket code for Paris-bound passengers; 52- Occupational suffix; 54- Compulsive thief; 56- The most famous of all Muppets, originally operated and voiced by creator Jim Henson; 60- Floating refuge boats; 62- Ancient Greek marketplace; 63- Capital of Italia; 64- ___ monde (high society); 65- Caped alter-ego of blue Muppet, Grover: "___ Grover"; 66- Chris Berman's cable channel; 67- Town dubbed "The Capital of the Ruins", after the battle of Normandy in 1944; 68- "Hey, you, over here!"; 69- Military meal;
1- Votes into office; 2- Widen the waistband, perhaps; 3- Last name of Shakespeare's "Shrew"; 4- Honshu port; 5- Prosthetic device for Salvador Dali?; 6- Gr. 1-6; 7- Flintstones' pet; 8- Refuse to abuse (drugs); 9- Pasty; 10- Coming out; 11- Animal like Kermit the Frog's main squeeze; 12- Old name for Tokyo; 15- Mouthed off; 21- Concerning, in a memo; 22- Ditty; 26- Swizzle; 27- Chinook salmon; 30- "How sweet ___!"; 31- Foul; 33- Gait between walk and canter; 34- Muppet friend Big Bird's bill, e.g.; 35- Romance novelist Roberts; 36- Apropos of; 37- Tolerate; 38- The world's 10 largest lake by volume, in Kyrgyzstan; 42- Israel's Golda; 43- Swelling lumps; 44- City near South Bend; 45- Fashion magazine; 48- Revolted; 49- Walks loudly; 50- "___ Heroes"; 53- Put together; 55- Either Zimbalist; 57- This, to Jose; 58- Spinning toys; 59- Uno y dos; 60- Sounds of satisfaction; 61- Animal like the Muppet, Rizzo or any of his pack of friends;