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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 138" by Kris Gilpin on 3/10/2013
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1- Halle Berry (B.) did it well in Monster's Ball.; 6- Exceptional cinema involves sauerkraut?; 10- Howard the Duck had more than one.; 14- Alyson H. played this instrument in American Pie.; 15- Thank God they don't serve this drink to kids in movie theaters!; 16- Humerus neighbor.; 17- Skin problem.; 18- A (scary?) street abounding with certain trees (adj.).; 19- Big (little?) name in construction.; 20- 2007 Halle B. crime drama w/ Bruce Willis, _______ Stranger.; 22- Like The Untouchables.; 24- 2007 Nic Cage S-F thriller w/ Julianne Moore.; 25- Respects or compliments.; 26- 1939 W.C. Fields classic comedy, You Can't Cheat an ______ Man.; 29- Like Scrooge.; 30- 2005 comedy video, Henry Rollins: Shock & ___.; 31- Very good 1985 Jon Voight (as a convict) action drama, Runaway _____.; 33- Robert, the doc who told Hanks he had a "brain cloud" in the offbeat, Joe vs. the Volcano.; 37- Like hurt, or cross...; 39- Halle B. played 6 parts in 2012's heady, Cloud _____.; 41- 1989 French crime thriller w/ Michel Blanc, Monsieur ____.; 42- Back, in a sense.; 44- Showed again.; 46- A short Quaid?; 47- Kind of snowmen.; 49- Like studio heads.; 51- What audiences hopefully do in horrors/thrillers.; 54- Indian physicist, 1894-1974 (did he buy stereo equipment?).; 55- Collapses or destructions (as in "______ and ruins").; 56- Halle B. was a shrink who awoke as a patient in her own asylum in this 2003 thriller.; 59- "Skeleton walks ____ a bar and says, "Gimme a beer...and a mop!" (Think about it, tee hee...); 60- Michael Clarke Duncan could do it in The Green Mile.; 62- Frankincense & myrrh (but not gold), for instance.; 64- In ____ of good old rom coms (Annie Hall), Hollytripe now gives us stuff like Safe Haven.; 65- With a bad comedy, audiences ____ groans instead of laughs.; 66- Ms. R., who was 1972's sexy Kansas City Bomber.; 67- Bad Bard: "Lettuce leave for Les Unhappies NOW, ____ we bee late, again, thou lazie slobe!"; 68- Star Wars's Tatooine had 2 of them (whew!).; 69- "Under Pressure" lyric: "Keep coming up with love but it's so _____ed and torn...";
1- Away from the bow.; 2- Usually on a talk show.; 3- More than one is in a musical.; 4- Forever, poetically.; 5- Theater hearing devices are at times for their _______ patrons.; 6- What we used to do w/ a VHS tape (whatever that was).; 7- Mattie's father's gun, from the novel/2010 film, True Grit.; 8- George Lucas's special FX dream factory (init.).; 9- Westerns & comedies are 2.; 10- Warren Beatty played him in this 1998 political Halle B. dram com.; 11- Fragrant resin.; 12- Halle B. showed some of this as Catwoman.; 13- AKA, K particles.; 21- Anonymous person in a shot.; 23- Not sts.; 25- Void, like after eating at a _____ table (ha ha--groan!).; 26- The Hills ____ Eyes, a great 1977 horrorshow, remade in 2006.; 27- Clive/Wilson.; 28- Norman Bates (or at least half of him) could've been considered one.; 29- 1988's Miracle ____ & 2002's 8 ____.; 32- Hippie 1: "How was Woodstock, man?" Hippie 2: "It was _ ____, man! Pass me that banana peel."; 34- Boosts.; 35- Algonquian language.; 36- 2002's ___ Park & ___ Jeong.; 38- Halle B. costarred in this 1991 Tony Scott action movie, The Last ___ _____.; 40- Cousin of a clog.; 43- Usually a new film opens every (one).; 45- Lindsay Lohan was (these?) on some recent TV shows & morning set calls.; 48- In the seats of a sold out screening.; 50- A large beer mug, often w/ a hinged lid, seen in some German films.; 51- Sometimes the costuming dept. uses a fabric constructed in _____ weave.; 52- Don Calfa's name in Return of the Living Dead (Clu Gulager's name was Burt).; 53- 1983's ____ and Hayes & Marjorie W. Sharmat's ____ the Great kid detective books.; 54- Robert, who wrote for David Lean & 2008's Miley Cyrus animated movie.; 56- Acquire.; 57- Caffeine source.; 58- Parentheses, e.g., as in a script.; 61- Down Under bird.; 63- Pee-wee's Big Adventure quote: "___! I'm listening to reason!";