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Print Puzzle - "Net Minders" by Rob Sovulewski on 2/1/2007
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1- 1982 Ricardo Montalban movie "The Wrath of ____"; 5- Get an A on a test at school.; 9- Players attire.; 13- Timber wolf; 14- Hipbone; 16- A detailed presentation, written short?; 17- Took drugs; 18- Pertaining to the external ear; 19- For fear that; 20- Green, Earl Grey or Sleepy Time; 21- Castrated male cat; 22- Lubricates; 24- They smooth the ice; 27- Lattitude; Abbr.; 28- Fall behind; 29- Quick shot in hockey; 34- Flower-part; 37- Pink Anglers Alliance for Scotland.; 38- Pitchers like it low; 39- Oak; e.g.; 40- First prime minister of India; 42- Sharks division.; 43- Direct Sound Radio, briefly; 44- Pressure Equipment Association Inc, an Australia Organization; 45- Waits; 46- No goals against; 48- Not in; 49- Capable; 50- Goal above the shoulders; 55- Two or more (See 7 down); 59- Wager; 60- Atmosphere; 61- Liquer distilled from Anise and Grapes.; 62- Ancient; 64- Taj Mahal city; 65- Look intently; 66- Sound; 67- Family; 68- Oceanic Navigational Error Report; Acronym; 69- Noble; 70- Look at something, usually in a quick furtive way;
1- Clumsy; 2- Book of the Bible; 3- At right angles to a ships length.; 4- Action from being weary; 5- Cavity produced of a die material.; 6- Offer an out.; 7- There are seven and they are deadly? One is plenty!; 8- Dynasty in China; 9- Monastery of the Virgin; 10- Executable file extensions; 11- The recess forming the altar end of a church.; 12- Decays; 15- San Jose Sharks Patrick _____; 21- Score; 23- Consumes; 25- Dark blue to the scottish; 26- A early Greek philosophy; 30- National Assoc. of Realators; 31- Reward; 32- Scottish Gaelic; 33- Narcs, maybe; 34- Sexually Transmitted Diseases. HIV e.g.; 35- One part Vodka, one part beer.; 36- Republic in W South America; 40- Elementary particle; 41- Consume; 42- Accompany; 44- Bishop of Rome; 45- "Las Vegas or......."; 47- A Season Ticket holder to the Sharks?; 48- First game of season; 51- Corpulent; 52- Bird of prey; 53- Ridges that serves as ornament on mollusc; 54- Direct in speech; 55- Starch used in puddings; 56- Republic in SW Asia; 57- Headland; 58- Call pocket, opposing (billards); 63- A positive reproduction of a tooth.; 64- Onomatopoeia for disgust;