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Print Puzzle - "Classic Soft Drinks" by Pete Griffith on 3/2/2013
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1- Most popular flavor of all Soft Drinks; 5- Brandy flavor; 9- Pepsi's lemon-lime soda, eventually replaced by Sierra Mist in most outlets; 14- Not a copy: Abbr.; 15- Chills and fever; 16- The oldest root beer brand in the U.S.; 17- Germany's ___ von Bismarck; 18- Glasgow gal; 19- Incompetent; 20- Tagline for the world's best-selling brand of soft drink; 23- Toothbrush brand; 24- RC Cola's low-calorie soft drink brand, Diet-___, now owned by Dr Pepper/7up; 25- Not at work; 28- Soft drink similar to root beer that was a popular non-alcoholic beverage choice in Hollywood western saloons; 31- "Roses ___ red, ..."; 34- Follow closely; 35- Exhausted; 36- Lunacy; 38- The 1985 ill-advised reformulated version of the world's best selling soft drink, which was soon dropped for the Classic version; 41- Garfield's canine pal; 42- Kind of engr.; 43- Barrett of Pink Floyd; 44- A citrus soft drink inspired by a cartoon -- it was Fred Flintstone's favorite drink; 49- Food scrap; 50- Light on Broadway; 51- Luck o' the ___; 54- Sugar-free soft drink with ads comparing the taste to fattening desserts; 57- A summer soft drink treat with a scoop of ice cream added to any soda; 60- New Mexico ski resort; 61- Mahler's "Das Lied von der ___"; 62- Throng; 63- Ye ___ Shoppe; 64- Sonic the Hedgehog brand; 65- Vast chasm; 66- Capone's nemesis; 67- Pepsi's lemon-lime answer to 7up & Sprite, until it was replaced by 9 ACROSS in the mid-80's;
1- Geezer; 2- Garden products brand; 3- Popular soft drink bottle size; 4- Greek gathering places; 5- Spanish words?; 6- The same; 7- Southern; 8- Send out again; 9- Black eye; 10- Codfish; 11- Dander; 12- Penny bun mushroom; 13- Body shop fig.; 21- Fill with joy; 22- "Give ___ rest!"; 25- Bread spreads; 26- Unreliable; 27- Predetermined; 29- Bro's sibling; 30- Root beer and cream soda brand launched in St. Louis during the Prohibition Era; 31- Exxon alternative now owned by BP; 32- M*A*S*H character known for his soft drink preference of Grape Nehi; 33- Decree; 37- Tennis court divider; 38- "The Matrix" starring role; 39- Overshadows; 40- One of the five W's of journalistic questioning; 42- Vice President of the US under Jimmy Carter; 45- Consolidates; 46- Behold; 47- Q-tip topper; 48- Most ready for picking; 52- Brief indulgence, when shopping, perhaps; 53- Minimize the risk; 54- Root Beer brand that was the first soft drink to be sold in 'six-packs' in the 1940's; 55- They usually have reels attached to them; 56- 500 sheets of paper; 57- US mortgage insuring org.; 58- Easy tennis return shot; 59- Airport code for Paris bound luggage tags;