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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 137" by Kris Gilpin on 2/26/2013
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1- What a blonde does in a theater (wink).; 5- Spike Lee's production company, 40 _____ and a Mule.; 10- A catchy guitar part (as in my fave Once Upon a Time in the West).; 14- 1984 drama as seen on Earth 2? (Mountain the __ __ Tell Go.); 15- Hugh Jackson needed one badly in part of Les Miz.; 16- Even theaters use insecticide?; 17- Denver lass who was in Pelvis's Love Me Tender.; 19- Actually, Eastwood & Ben Argofleck are 2.; 20- Celery.; 21- Countless ones have been in countless film magazines.; 23- The branch of mechanics that deals w/ bodies at rest, or forces in equilibrium.; 26- ____ International, Inc., is a specialist in Thin Film & Nanotechnology.; 27- Crude, inartistic paintings.; 29- A Zombie frankly _____ more gore than sex appeal.; 33- Some scripts are scribbled on them.; 37- Hidden means of actress support?; 38- What you have to do sometimes in mid-movie.; 39- The 3 Stooges always ran this way, bro.; 40- Studios ___ __ scripts all the time (like Ginger Rogers's '33 Don't ___ __ Love).; 42- Despicable.; 43- Kathy, a witch from Hocus Pocus.; 45- "Yadda, yadda, yadda..."; 46- The initial substance of the universe from which all matter is said to be derived (not canned spam).; 47- Excelled.; 48- Like the great, Joe Cool-like actor-director, Takeshi Kitano.; 50- Vietnam reporter Michael, who also wrote the narration for Apocalypse Now.; 52- Like many an actor in 300.; 57- To put a curse on, as in the horrorshow, I Curse You, Ugly Zombie Scum!; 61- Chew the scenery, like a ham actor.; 62- 2003: "Why, the very ___ that Boat Trip stinks!"; 63- Veronica, who was the young Cathy in The Birds.; 66- Charlize Theron's The ____ (2009) was a very good, if bleak, post-apocalyptic ____ film.; 67- A baked roll of dough w/ a filling, often seen as a snack in Jewish cuisine scenes.; 68- Litigant.; 69- 1959's ___ Any Girl & 2006's ___ the Dust.; 70- Like The Mirror Has Two Faces.; 71- Underrated 1992 Dustin Hoffman dram com.;
1- Theater bestsellers.; 2- Like many old S-F C-movies.; 3- Skeleton part.; 4- What a Keep-on-Truckin' Robert Crumb character did.; 5- Liz's, I mean Cleo's, undoing.; 6- 1956 musical (hint) rom com, ___-___-___ Boom!; 7- 1971 docu on Indian musician Ravi Shankar, w/ George Harrison.; 8- Turns inside out as in, say, a Video Nasty horrorshow.; 9- Lindsay Lohan has a problem these days, getting (__) the ___ __ get (__) her "work."; 10- Cathy ___ ______ played the sexy blonde Coach in the 1978 comedy.; 11- Blazing Saddles: "____ never work. They'll kill him dead in one day!"; 12- Salad veggie.; 13- Rom com staple.; 18- Don't you hate when there's a distracting fire ____ a movie?!; 22- Robert Downey Jr. played this man more than once.; 24- Bobby De Niro played one in the '70s.; 25- Did I see/like Rob Reiner's The ____ Thing? ____!; 28- This Kathy was Gertrude Stein in Woody's excellent Midnight in Paris.; 30- What Pacino shows at his most entertaining.; 31- Eastwood seems to direct his films with an easy ____.; 32- It's so shameful when a zombie exposes its brain ____!; 33- A movie camera does this when it moves from side to side.; 34- Eastern nurse.; 35- The ____ was a short 2010 docu on a new martial arts academy (hint).; 36- Russell Crowe headed a group of them in 1992's crime drama, Romper Stomper.; 38- Some peeps (me) do it to their drinks before a film.; 41- Carre, lovely actress model, in Mickey Rourke's Wild Orchid (& who married him for 6 years).; 44- "If you're making me to a tovie, I ____ my nilk duds!"; 48- A secret, as in a mystery movie.; 49- An abbreviated Bond film? (Tom'row ____ Di's.); 51- James & Springfield.; 53- One of the few shows I watch is 2012's TV docu, "Breaking _____."; 54- 2007, Radha Mitchell Aussie croc creature feature.; 55- It knocked a lotta characters out in old thrillers.; 56- Depressingly, 70's music is called this now.; 57- Her dad, Paul Sorvino, sobbed when she won her 1996 Oscar (so sweet).; 58- Commotions (according to olde Billy S.).; 59- A mirror was called this in my fave Vonnegut novel, Breakfast of Champions.; 60- Wim Wenders made my 2 fave foreign road ____ films (Alice... & Kings...).; 64- Sugar amt.; 65- 2010 Amber Heard rom dram, The River ___.;