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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 136" by Kris Gilpin on 2/14/2013
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1- Mary, one of the 4 sisters in 1944's Meet Me in St. Louis.; 6- Nurse, in a Chinese movie.; 10- Jerry Maguire: "I'm not gonna . . . just, ____ out!"; 14- Mr. P., of In the Army Now & Son in Law.; 15- A slang name for donkey, in a Brit flick.; 16- Wonder how many child actors had it?; 17- Gentle, offbeat 1971 Peter Fonda Western, The _____ Hand.; 18- Wild hog (not like Travolta).; 19- Marco Polo crossed it.; 20- Embarrassing, 1979 "live action Arnold S. cartoon," w/ Kirk Douglas (!): The _______.; 22- Horse handler.; 24- Bank deposit?; 25- Mr. G., Aladdin comedian with an annoying voice.; 26- A grey mineral, the chief source of lead.; 29- A Portuguese overseas territory in S. China (Portuguese name).; 30- A pint, maybe.; 31- How you tell me how much you love my puzzies (ha!).; 33- Sacred song.; 37- Very fun 1974 John Carpenter, Dan O'Bannon S-F comedy, Dark ____.; 39- 1991 Sly S. crime comedy with Marisa Tomei.; 41- "__, __, Alex, I'm over here!" "Shut up, idiot, there's a movie going on!!"; 42- I have _____ each Shyamalan film since The Sixth Sense would be as perfect (nah).; 44- I go to R. & H. Block to tay my _____.; 46- It was Katie Holmes vs. Helen Mirren in 1999's Teaching ____ Tingle.; 47- Like Steve Stifler & "The Fool on the Hill."; 49- Tropical American trees w/ light wood used for life preservers, rafts, etc.; 51- Uggie is one (woof, excuse me).; 54- Bingo relative.; 55- Substances composed of 2 or more metals, intimately mixed.; 56- 1981 POW drama with Sly S. & Pele playing soccer (yup, really).; 59- Jean Auel novel, 1986 Daryl Hannah fantasy adventure: The ____ of the Cave Bear.; 60- I always prefer to have an extra one by me at my manatees--I mean, matinees.; 62- In conflict with, with "of".; 64- I went to see Dango Unchained & thought, I ___ a _ when I came in here... (groan).; 65- Give off, as light from a film projector.; 66- Red Riding Hood was produced from one.; 67- On a deck, perhaps.; 68- Kris A. Romero: "I wish Warm Bodies was a bit funnier." Zombie: "____ noted."; 69- 2nd Earl of _____, title of Robert Devereux (?1566-1601), executed for treason.;
1- ___ Wednesday, 1973 Liz Taylor, Hank Fonda drama.; 2- Many a movie street badguy has used one.; 3- Famous Amos (what a cookie!).; 4- If Russell Crowe's on the phone, heed him if he says, "Watch my film, __ ____!"; 5- Cross out (as, possibly, in a script).; 6- Monty Python: "You're not suggesting we eat my mother?! Well, I __ a ___ peckish..."; 7- The underrated Sam Rockwell was great as a troubled astronaut in this 2009 S-F drama.; 8- Alias.; 9- Superheroes usually are.; 10- Sly S. was one fourth of a high school gang in 1974's, The Lords of ________.; 11- Fine thread.; 12- Michelle Pfeiffer was _____ in Scarface than she was in Ladyhawke.; 13- "Susiee, please saey we wiell never _____."; 21- Billy Bob Thornton fought there in this 2004 historical drama (w/ The).; 23- Sidney Poitier would do it to a white man in, In The Heat of the Night.; 25- Murdered beauty Dorothy Stratten played _____ina in the 1980 comic S-F flick.; 26- Arnold S. received more than one by the end of his fun The Last Stand.; 27- A chorus line.; 28- Pretty Amy Adams fell in love in Dublin in 2010's, ____ Year.; 29- Medical intensive care units (as in medical movies, maybe).; 32- According to.; 34- What Arnold or Sly does in a cop flick.; 35- Vega's constellation.; 36- Weak 2009 political horror comedy, ZMD: Zombies of ____ Destruction.; 38- Arnold S. & Brigitte Nielsen were a couple when they made this 1985 fantasy adventure.; 40- Renaissance fiddle.; 43- Childish foreman to his jury: "Ha, you said ____!"; 45- Parts of Billy Jack & Easy Rider were shot there.; 48- Did I see the latest Jenny Aniston Hollyrom com? Uh . . . _____.; 50- Do actors use them before nude scenes?; 51- Country house, in a Russian film.; 52- Earthen pots for holding water, cooking, etc., in a Spanish film.; 53- Clearing.; 54- One of The Aristocats.; 56- A tip, gratuity.; 57- Zombie & Lowe.; 58- Time for eggnog (yum).; 61- Big bird.; 63- Superman's super foe.;