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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 135" by Kris Gilpin on 2/2/2013
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1- Ewan McGregor's one.; 5- Like the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.; 11- "_ __ comin'? I wanna C S.O.B. again!"; 14- Alan, TV's beloved Skipper, on "Gilligan's Island."; 15- Like the late, great Stanislaw Lem, who wrote Solaris (which was filmed twice).; 16- Anthem contraction.; 17- 2009 road film w/ Jeff Bridges & Justin Timberlake, The ____ Road.; 18- Any of several shrubs of the honeysuckle family, w/ clusters of small white flowers.; 19- Frankly, no one can deny, Cyd Charisse had great ___s.; 20- (Martin) Scorsese was an editor on this great 1970 concert film.; 22- A movie house's concession on Friday night can look like, Attack of the Theater_____.; 24- Currency, in a Cambodian movie.; 25- Way up the mountain.; 26- Orbital point.; 29- Paul Rudd moved to France to claim his inherited home in The _______ (2001).; 32- Director John, or actress Arlene.; 33- Celebs love one (or 1,000).; 36- Film clips used to hang down in one, when we used to cut films on film.; 37- Clay, now.; 38- De Niro played the sax in this 1977 Scorsese music drama (x2).; 39- German river (mmm).; 40- A ___ pal is AKA a ___ friend.; 41- Pricing word (as with movie tickets).; 42- AKA carbamide.; 43- Chris Cooper was Robert Hanssen in Breach (R.H. was convicted of this in 2001).; 45- 1992, Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta, thriller: Unlawful _____.; 46- Ms. Punch, cute Brit actress, from Bad Teacher.; 47- 1990 Charlie Sheen thriller, Navy _____.; 50- Jonze, who directed the great Adaptation.; 52- 2004, fishy De Niro animated comedy, which also used Scorsese's voice.; 56- 1982 action flick w/ a young, lovely Linda Hamilton, ___: the Assassination Game.; 57- The period of legal minority, or of an (___) below 21.; 59- Bill Murray was the first to play Hunter Thompson, in 80's Where the Buffalo ____.; 60- Chumawamba song lyric: "___! Your ugly, your ugly, your ugly houses look so, ___!"; 61- It's also called St. Vitus's dance.; 62- A weak thriller is one that's ____-climactic.; 63- White, for short?; 64- A lot of them were seen in Backdraft.; 65- David Cronenberg, to Scorsese.;
1- A TV episode.; 2- Guitar accessory.; 3- Yellow stick (Elvis: "Mmm!!").; 4- Little Shop of Horror's Audrey II probly had many more than one.; 5- After one type of film is a hit, Hollytrite makes a _____ of similar, lesser clones.; 6- A high level computer programming language, designed for general commercial use.; 7- Guinness & Baldwin.; 8- Sean Penn played this murdered activist in 2008.; 9- 2007 Hilary Swank rom dram, _._. _ Love You.; 10- A N. American hickory tree having loose, rough (____) & edible nuts.; 11- This writer/critic wrote a book of Scorsese reviews/interviews in 2008.; 12- 2001, 1776 or 1941, say.; 13- Great Dire Straits album, Brothers in ____.; 21- Emily Deschanel, to Zooey.; 23- Did Warren ___es ever act in an ___er in which he fed his horse some ___s?!; 25- I'm Not _____, a 2007 biodrama in which 6 actors played Bob Dylan.; 26- Audiences had no trouble "having to _____" to Daniel Craig as Jimmy Bond.; 27- Bryce Dallas Howard is _____ than Halle Berry.; 28- 2008 Scorsese music docu on the Rolling Stones, _____ a _____.; 29- Swamp critter.; 30- Archer, at times, like Jenny Lawrence in The Hunger Games.; 31- This 2001 "incest comedy" was so weak, it should've been called, _____ It Isn't So.; 33- ___ Rebellion of 1857-59.; 34- Like one of Cronenberg's Dead Ringers.; 35- Thumbs up.; 38- Birth, nativity.; 42- What you should do after you drive.; 44- Diving bird.; 45- Caribou kin.; 47- What folks usually do w/ an industrial sized silo of popcorn.; 48- 1941 film noir w/ Robert Taylor & Lana Turner, Johnny _____.; 49- Bailiwicks.; 50- Thanks to floor lights in a theater, hopefully you won't ____ your toes.; 51- E., cute actress who went to Rome with love in 2012.; 52- Many a conceited film critic is simply a pretentious (one).; 53- 2001's The (___). (What's missing?); 54- You shouldn't be ____ to the 1977 Art Carney mystery, The ____ Show.; 55- Mr. Kusturica, who directed Johnny Depp's uber weird, uber cool Arizona Dream.; 58- Eponymous physicist.;