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Print Puzzle - "Movie Kriswords 134" by Kris Gilpin on 1/21/2013
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1- Flows? No(s)...; 5- Woody does it on a huge banana in Sleeper.; 10- Like the Wachowski (Cloud Atlas) siblings.; 14- Production set up.; 15- Frequent yummy Italian movie prop.; 16- 2011 Werner Herzog crime docu, ____ the Abyss.; 17- Batty actor, a true romeo who spied on Drac, with a book on fire.; 19- Hoo-has.; 20- A bad comedy only has one.; 21- Props from The Great Race & Blazing Saddles.; 22- A full set of chromosomes (ooh, baby!).; 24- ___ Carson & "Pack up your troubles in your old ___-bag and smile..."; 25- Like Emma Stone. (Or Zooey D., Audrey Tautou, Kristen Bell...); 26- Richie, incredible guitarist who sang "Freedom" in Woodstock.; 29- Like Pacino's & De Niro's filaments in Godfather II.; 32- Shelley Duvall in Popeye.; 33- Frequent Lohan public relations effort.; 34- Alan Bates could ____ a killer yell in The Shout.; 36- French novelist Pierre.; 37- M., magnificent (Cincinnati?) actor, a hunter who escaped an inferno of pebbles & bullitts.; 38- Nanking nanny.; 39- Dollar, in a Chinese movie.; 40- The Who: "I'm in ____, and I'm gonna ____, right in on you."; 41- Stone (not steel) marker.; 42- A melody accompanying a simple musical theme, sometimes in a movie score.; 44- Jamie Foxx utilized one in Django Unchained & it was actually his own.; 45- Beauty Amanda, who was in "Max Headroom."; 46- Ryan Phillippe played one in Breach.; 47- IMHO, it's often a way for Hollywood to milk a few more $ for lesser movies.; 50- Great 1971 Spielberg TVM about deadly road rage.; 51- Derek is (_) sexy one.; 54- Filmmakers love only cinema?; 55- Cool/hot, pool shark actor who might slap with malice a cat (or its proxy) on the road.; 58- Driver's warning in certain flicks.; 59- Increased.; 60- 1942 Veronica Lake film noir, This Gun for ____.; 61- Did they do it to Lassie?; 62- Head lock.; 63- Phil Collins sang the theme song for 1984's Against All ____.;
1- Like the Fifty Shades of Grey book (which supposedly the film will be, too).; 2- Before ____ Bridges married, he was a ____.; 3- Lassie monologue.; 4- S., driven actor who took cash & lost blood to get a cop or a judge in paradise.; 5- 1982's _____ Image & Robert Altman's California _____.; 6- Puts on cargo.; 7- Doctrines.; 8- "Jeannie" starred in 1978's, Harper Valley _._._.; 9- Like Dustin Hoffman's upbeat character in Wag the Dog.; 10- Mystery actress who's gotta have reds or a Goodbar, like a bride in an interior hall on the moon.; 11- Annul.; 12- Bit of physics.; 13- Give the slip to, as in a cop flick.; 18- What we do when we rate a movie.; 23- Abbr. after a comma.; 24- A forward American actor, a super man who plays ref w/ sharks at midnight.; 25- Mr. O., who was in the goofy, fun Shoot 'Em Up.; 26- Eddie Murphy's ____ Man lost $48 Million at the B.O. in 1998.; 27- How actors do it at script readings.; 28- A resume, in a Brit flick: Curriculum _____.; 29- If you paid to see Texas Chainsaw 3D, it was $ not well _____.; 30- A variety of wheat, grown in parts of Europe as a cereal crop.; 31- There are lots of useless ones on spaceship sets in old cheesy "sci-fi" B-movies.; 33- Floors, as with a great (or awful) film.; 35- What you used to be.; 37- It's rare when a filmgoer does this in their seat because a film was so intense.; 41- Shelf material.; 43- Christine, say.; 44- Makes right.; 46- The tincture red.; 47- What the baddie does to innocents in countless thrillers.; 48- Do they serve this in swine cinemas?; 49- Clea DuVall in Argo.; 50- A "____" picture neg. is used for making special FX to be inserted in the release negative.; 51- In the thick of.; 52- The late, great Charles (Barfly) Bukowski was one (pass the beer).; 53- 11.; 56- When D.S.T. begins.; 57- Their songs have been in tons of films/shows, like "The Seeker" in The Limey (w/ The).;