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Print Puzzle - "Spacy (1302)" by Gareth Bain on 1/17/2013
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1- Cats on the prowl, frequently; 5- Spreadsheet figure, say; 10- 2008 Animated film set in Malaria; 14- Mother's ___ (gin); 15- Wowed; 16- Computer expert, stereotypically; 17- Site of Vulcan's forge, in myth; 18- *Europe's largest freshwater body; 20- Writer's plug; 22- Playwright Eve; 23- *Language spoken at the time of the fall of Rome; 26- "The Dream of Gerontius" composer; 29- "In a pig's ___!"; 30- Benz finisher?; 31- Touristy Tuscan town; 32- Aromatic herb; 35- Jockey's rival; 36- *Blue gemstone; 39- Quick look; 41- Dead Sea Scrolls author; 42- Like most crossword-solving tournaments; 44- Alt+___ (shortcut for changing between windows in Windows); 45- Set on; 48- Dreamweaver software publisher; 49- *What you get when you win in the end; 52- Kevin of SNL; 54- Existential boredom; 55- Where to find a space cadet, or the starred answers in today's puzzle; 59- Genre for T-Rex, Wizzard and Slade; 60- King of the playhouse; 61- "Walking After Midnight" singer Patsy; 62- "I Walk the ___" (Johnny Cash hit); 63- Like teen comedies, usually; 64- German industrial city; 65- Greek vowels;
1- Bass opposite; 2- Financial burden; 3- Wee; 4- Cruel trap; 5- Indian stew ingredient; 6- The ___ Khan; 7- Much liked actor George (on Facebook); 8- One of the Ivy league schs.; 9- Diner on "Alice"; 10- Like the ink used in tattoos; 11- Whom Elizabeth II succeeded; 12- Charity's website ending; 13- Old-timey nutritionary std.; 19- Bar round, sometimes; 21- Censor, on TV; 24- Years in old Rome; 25- Make hard, as a muscle; 27- Boolean logic word; 28- ___ Tafari; 32- Part of a mall Santa's get-up; 33- Golf's "Big Easy"; 34- Performs eye surgery, perhaps; 36- Car buyer's insurance?; 37- Citrusy taste; 38- "___ Albert"; 39- "Harper Valley ___"; 40- ___ ul-Fitr (Muslim festival at the end of Ramadan); 43- Sell narcotics; 45- Like atria; 46- Common cold-blooded pet; 47- "___ of Freedom" (Bob Dylan classic); 49- Enjoys a lazy Saturday; 50- Erotica author Nin; 51- Answer to a trigonometry problem, often; 53- Panties trim; 55- Green around the gills; 56- Marriage announcement word; 57- 22.5 degrees (abbr.); 58- Dragon-slayer's destination;