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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 133" by Kris Gilpin on 1/7/2013
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1- God of war.; 5- German River in Bavaria & Baden-Württemberg, a right tributary of the Danube.; 10- Kvetch.; 14- William Hurt was a restaurateur in Newfoundland in 2001's ____ Birds.; 15- Peter, Brit actor & lead singer of Herman's Hermits.; 16- Pat on the buns?; 17- Charles (C.) Durning (R.I.P.) was in this '75 film of a real life '37 disaster (w/ The).; 19- One way I get some rarer films on DVD/B-ray.; 20- Often clueless studios hope that rom coms are an _____ for them, even if they're often garbage.; 21- When a doc determines something's wrong w/ a big proboscis?; 23- Like the Four Musketeers & Four Brothers.; 26- Set.; 27- Mike, great Brit director of Naked & Life is Sweet.; 29- What Sherlock is to solving cases.; 33- Great 1970 Ten Years After album.; 37- Subject of the When We Were Kings docu.; 38- Lucas Black was a golfer who meets Robert Duvall in 2011's Seven Days in ______.; 39- Bullets belonging to Little Peep? (Groan.); 40- C. Durning was Coach in the '79 Nick Nolte sports movie, _____ Dallas Forty.; 42- 1944 Claudette Colbert war rom dram, Since You ____ Away.; 43- The officiating priests of a mosque.; 45- ___ 0009 saw eht eman fo eht retupmoc ni 1002.; 46- 1995's The ___ & Alan Ladd's 1959 The Man in the ___.; 47- "I gotta better idea, let's _____ Alex Cross for Fargo!"; 48- Jonah Hill & John C. Reilly fought over Marisa Tomei in this 2010 rom com dram.; 50- 2010 biodrama w/ James Franco as Allen Ginsberg.; 52- Tribal V.I.P.s.; 57- A cheap saloon or barroom, in a Brit flick.; 61- Felix had that embarrassing _____ problem in The Odd Couple.; 62- Happy hoedown in a Hawaiian hovie, I mean, movie.; 63- C. Durning appeared in Tom Hanks's ho hum '85 comedy, The Man with ___ ___ ____.; 66- Like a script written with a quill...; 67- Costumes in an E. India film.; 68- Martin & Gary ____ are Brit actors & were in the group, Spandau Ballet.; 69- Provincial governors in the Ottoman Empire.; 70- Did Ezra Pound really once tell his contemporary, "T.S., _____!"?!; 71- Fit of pique.;
1- Buddhist who has attained Nirvana (not Steven Seagal).; 2- Brits call it a rise (as in Pink Floyd's, "Money").; 3- Lubitsch, who directed The Shop Around the Corner.; 4- Meal in Passover scenes.; 5- Jamaica ___, '39 Hitchcock adventure w/ Charles Laughton.; 6- Reportedly, some folks ___ their candy apples at the screen during Rob Schneider movies.; 7- If you're this, you should be escorted out of a movie theater.; 8- A rare film, like Schindler's List, might actually do this to our lives.; 9- À la king?; 10- C. Durning was in 80's The Final _________, about an aircraft carrier thrown back in time.; 11- 1943 Fritz Lang film noir, Hangmen ____ Die!; 12- Gym set.; 13- Vain actors (male & female) do it a lot.; 18- Catchall abbr.; 22- A nanny is one.; 24- Cain & James are two.; 25- Storage space.; 28- Some folks call rom coms & Twilight, "_____ movies."; 30- Sword, in a French film.; 31- Pub order.; 32- De Niro had some in Cape Fear.; 33- Ragamuffin.; 34- Cop movie props.; 35- A lift during the Sundance Film Fest.; 36- 1986 C. Durning comedy, w/ K. Douglas & B. Lancaster as 2 elderly gangsters.; 38- Q: As of 1/13, will anyone go to the next 2 Hobbit movies? A: ___.; 41- Sailors (as in the hilarious Laurel & Hardy short, Two ____).; 44- Bovine rom com dialogues?; 48- Like a carbon-copy Hollysequel (adj.).; 49- On view in Beach Party (oh, baby!).; 51- John Cassavetes was Dr. to Richard Dreyfuss in 1981's _____ Life Is It Anyway?; 53- Halloween-movie props.; 54- Pale with fright, as during a Paris Hilton epic.; 55- Ms. W, who wore a ring from a king while playing impossible, funny games...; 56- 1954 Dick Powell, Debbie Reynolds dram com, Susan _____ Here.; 57- Like Charlize Theron in Young Adult.; 58- Mysterious letter.; 59- (Of a wine), having a pleasant flavor from the barrel in which it was stored.; 60- A much more famous Gilpin.; 64- 1964 Euro spy spoof w/ Jean-Paul Belmondo, That Man from ___.; 65- A tiny bit of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (w/ C. Durning).;