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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 132" by Kris Gilpin on 12/26/2012
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1- 1934, Johnny Weissmuller: Tarzan and His ____.; 5- Bangladesh's capital, old-style.; 10- 1997, Jennifer Jason (J.J.) Leigh & Jessica Lange: A Thousand ____s.; 14- "Authentic, genuine," in a German film.; 15- Joaquin Phoenix _____s in The Master, due to a misaligned left shoulder.; 16- Sidney Poitier's 1964, Viking adventure: The Long ____s.; 17- Rutger Hauer pulled J.J. Leigh apart in this intense, 1986 horrorshow.; 19- Lacquered metalware.; 20- Allude.; 21- What judges do in countless courtroom scenes.; 23- Did it ever bury its head in a beach party movie?; 26- 1976 docu about sleazy cultures, Shocking ____.; 27- The Black Knight in M. Python's Holy Grail said, "None _____ pass."; 29- Like some pretentious, non-creative critics.; 33- Prop from Ted.; 37- With 38 Across (minus one "a"), she was a 70's Peckinpah actress.; 38- (Turn around, see 37 Across).; 39- Fruit spray.; 40- Ms. B., over whom J.J. Leigh obsessed in Single White Female.; 42- Pound of literature.; 43- AKA, concerning this.; 45- Age.; 46- Sarah Miles's name in Ryan's Daughter.; 47- Played (with).; 48- Shenanigan.; 50- Penpoints.; 52- The sick baddie in Dirty Harry was called the _______ Killer.; 57- The colorful set design of J.J. Leigh's The Hudsucker Proxy didn't suffer from this.; 61- A provincial judge, in a Turkish movie.; 62- "____ on Down the Road" (from The Wiz).; 63- This great '90 J.J. Leigh crime drama should've made Alec Baldwin a big star back then.; 66- A platform on which a corpse rests before burial.; 67- Mary, star of the classic Maltese Falcon.; 68- A traveling actress might use one.; 69- There's at least one in every cop-looks-for-killer film.; 70- The turf in "surf and turf".; 71- Sleep, especially in a Brit flick.;
1- 1980 Truffaut wartime drama w/ G. Depardieu & C. Deneuve, The Last _____.; 2- Has a yen.; 3- One of the actions in 63 Across.; 4- Early anesthetic.; 5- Silent Spring (book, by Rachel Carson) subject.; 6- Movie character curve.; 7- Small salmon.; 8- Of the same age, date or duration.; 9- 2003 French rom com w/ Daniel Auteuil, _____ Vous.; 10- J.J. Leigh was deaf & blind in the effective 1981 horror, Eyes of _ ________.; 11- Dynasty in which Confucianism & Taoism emerged.; 12- Brook.; 13- Swordfight scenes should be rehearsed w/ this safe prop.; 18- Young Jodie Foster's name in Taxi Driver.; 22- Reading is sabotaging cinema?!; 24- Like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, or Leonard Part 6.; 25- Some sweet women (without a fiance) might wear this ring.; 28- Kind of cabinet.; 30- Soup pasta.; 31- Sets from Trees Lounge & Casablanca.; 32- Stones song: "It's just that demon life has got you in it's ____."; 33- "Listen up, chidl, no Spongebbo for yuo until you taek your ____!"; 34- Sold in bars.; 35- In Eddie Murphy's Best Defense, there was ____ a laugh.; 36- Ben Stiller was so nasty in this 2010, J.J. Leigh rom dram com, I didn't enjoy the film.; 38- Jimi Hendrix's "_____ Depression" was used in films like Shampoo & Coming Home.; 41- Dandridge & Lamour, say?; 44- Anthony Hopkins, in Thor.; 48- An A.D. actually ______s the production more than the director.; 49- Bruce Willis probably didn't get one for Christmas.; 51- Platforms for public speaking.; 53- Wasn't 70's When Dinosaurs _____ the Earth nommed for an Oscar? (Er, maybe not.); 54- Eddie Murphy's '02 The Adventures of _____ Nash lost only $96 million at the box office.; 55- AKA intestinal obstruction.; 56- Their "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" song was heard in Made of Honor.; 57- Kerr & Reynolds, perhaps?; 58- Beatles: "If the ____ comes, they run and hide their heads..."; 59- Floating, perhaps.; 60- Fill to excess (as w/ buttery popcorn & a large diet coke).; 64- Bygone bird.; 65- A talkative moviegoer can really ___ you.;