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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 131" by Kris Gilpin on 12/14/2012
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1- Andy's radio partner ("Holy mackerel!").; 5- 1993, a big thumbed Uma Thurman: ____ Cowgirls Get the Blues.; 9- What the Crow did?; 14- There were ____ club scenes in 24 Hour Party People & Trainspotting.; 15- Niger neighbor.; 16- Wing shaped.; 17- '94 Kate Winslet (W.) true crime film, about 2 killer girlfriends, Heavenly _________.; 19- My sweet friend Nicholas Worth (R.I.P.) fought Clint in jail in 86's Heartbreak _____.; 20- "Love letters straight from your _____, keep us so near while apart, sorta" (?!).; 21- Streisand managed boxer Ryan O'Neal in 1979's The ____ Event.; 23- Heard in some boating films.; 24- Lovely musician Jones's nickname?; 25- So, you're a huge film buff too, eh smarty, you ________? ;-); 29- Not containing a liquid (adj.).; 31- 2000's sad look at women working in a strip club, Dancing at the Blue ______.; 35- "Hey, Cleatus, what ______ is this here Hobbit movin' pitcher playin' in down at the Gator drive-in?!"; 37- There's John Cusack & the _____ Joan.; 38- Kate W. played the author Murdoch in this sad 2001 biodrama.; 40- Harvey Keitel tried to deprogram Kate W. in the desert in 1999's Holy _____.; 43- Put on board, as cargo.; 44- Star in Cygnus.; 46- Turn in.; 48- Omnipresent props in 300.; 50- A lot of important things get stuck in this stupid stuff.; 53- A city in W. Switzerland, on Lake Geneva, a cultural & commercial centre.; 56- Mike Myers's The Love Guru gave you a chance to have a nice one.; 57- One of my fave Stevie Wonder songs: "___ Misstra Know It All."; 60- Larry Buchanan's 1970, Bergman knock-off film (ha!), Strawberries ____ Rain.; 61- Eddie Murphy was a hostage negotiator in this OK 1997 crime flick.; 63- Kate W. played herself in an episode of the funny Ricky Gervais Brit TV show, _____s.; 65- Soderbergh made this scary 2011 Kate W. thriller about a deadly disease.; 68- An aspect of acting.; 69- To think or suppose (archaic).; 70- Intimately, deeply.; 71- Ark contents.; 72- Utah state flower.; 73- When visiting Twin Peaks, remember, "The owls are not what they ____.";
1- Secrets.; 2- ______ 5's song, "Sweetest Goodbye," was heard in Love Actually.; 3- To excessively purify, as in a rich-White-people Brit film (like Kate W.'s Sense and Sensibility).; 4- We all take one in a movie.; 5- Australian runner.; 6- Dictionary abbr.; 7- Lacquer ingredient.; 8- The 7th month of the Jewish calendar.; 9- Two couples cross into childish behavior in this talky, 2011 Kate W. film.; 10- Will Smith was he in 2001.; 11- Tho I won't see a penny of it, I'm glad Skyfall made ____ of $.; 12- Argo's a great film, ____, one of 2012's best.; 13- Used by the costume & hair depts.; 18- Small drum.; 22- Junior's junior.; 26- Tupac's Above the ___ (1994) & Gene Autry's ___ of the Canyon (1949).; 27- Mr. Carolla, voice in Wreck-It Ralph & writer of the hilarious book, In 50 Years We'll All Be Chicks.; 28- Broken or waste glass, suitable for remelting.; 30- I once saw a movie character steam open an envelope, read the letter, then ______ it.; 32- Utterly unyielding or firm in attitude, like Michael Caine in Kate W.'s Quills.; 33- Beatty, great character actor seen in Rudy & many others.; 34- 1971 Bond film w/ Connery, Diamonds ___ Forever.; 36- Swedish ex wrestler Johnson, who was the hulk in the awful Beast of Yucca Flats.; 38- Cops often ask for them in teen flicks.; 39- Kind of theatre.; 41- "Ol' Man River" composer.; 42- Biblical plot.; 45- Mr. K. who, in 1996, directed Kate W. in Hamlet.; 47- Swelling.; 49- Take action against.; 51- De Niro played this kind of officer in the not-bad Stone.; 52- A word derived from a person's name.; 54- Factions.; 55- Revere.; 57- There was this between Kate W. & Leo in Titanic.; 58- Fair.; 59- Catchphrase from many Bond books & films: "Shaken, not ____red."; 62- Protection (var.).; 64- Genetic inits.; 66- Aron Eisenberg's recurring "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" TV character.; 67- Great 2003 S. Korean mystery horror, A Tale of ___ Sisters.;