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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 130" by Kris Gilpin on 12/4/2012
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1- A (rare) good trailer hopes to ____ your appetite for the movie.; 5- A paperlike cloth made in the South Pacific by pounding certain bark.; 10- Elaborate inlaid work of woods, metals, tortoiseshell, ivory, etc.; 14- Whit.; 15- 1955 Rock Hudson rom dram, Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven _____s.; 16- Atlas section.; 17- "If you hate the movie so much, __ __ and get us some popcorn!"; 18- Tommy Lee (T.L.) Jones was an Irish bomber in Jeff Bridges's '94 thriller, _____ Away.; 19- Like The Katzenjammer Kids (who's showing their age?!).; 20- Like my fave crossword puzzle books.; 22- Seen/heard in many an action film.; 23- 2000 Jude Law crime com: Love, Honor and ____.; 24- The Day of the Trees?; 26- Acrid, watery discharges, as from an ulcer or wound.; 29- A lot of them "co starred" in the stinker, Exorcist II: the Heretic.; 32- T.L. Jones was great, as usual, in the political bio-_____, Lincoln.; 33- A monetary unit seen in a Bangladesh movie.; 35- 10 C-notes.; 36- The Little Rascals were AKA ___ Gang.; 37- In 2003, T.L. Jones was Cate Blanchett's father in this Western (w/ The).; 40- Natl. Humor Month.; 41- Monetary units seen in a movie from Bulgaria.; 43- This happened to Yvette Mimieux in Jackson County Jail, a T.L. Jones crime drama.; 44- Like some bodacious bodies on a beach.; 46- Loud speaker.; 48- Puts down, as by a scummy movie bully.; 49- Michael (Monty Python) Palin's hilarious 70's Brit TV series, "Ripping _____."; 50- John, actor who was once Mr. Shirley Temple.; 51- When Harry Met _____, a romantic tragedy?; 53- Does Craft Service provide them on a Western set?; 57- It's found in sticks.; 58- A film is fairly rare when great writing, acting & direction all _____.; 60- Nanking nanny.; 61- A good, old horror film magazine is named ____oria.; 62- On again, like certain film productions.; 63- These dancers are in some film scenes set in 60's/70's nightclubs.; 64- What Cleatus from South Florida might call a Bergman film.; 65- Sales booth.; 66- Most actors ____ out a living before getting success, if they ever did.;
1- T.L. Jones & others wore them in Lincoln.; 2- Basketball set prop.; 3- Small ornamental ladies' bag for small articles.; 4- Watering hole.; 5- Needed for poker & pool scenes.; 6- 1947 Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell film noir, Nightmare _____.; 7- Actors usually have to ____ along in heavy-snow scenes.; 8- Often seen on the 60's "Batman" series.; 9- Barley bristle.; 10- Patrick Swayze had to do it for real for Point Break.; 11- T.L. Jones's good but lesser 1998 sequel to The Fugitive.; 12- They are in every sold-out theater seat.; 13- Will Dennis Hopper's loved/loathed '71 film, The ____ Movie, ever come to DVD/Blu-ray?!; 21- Presidential middle name.; 22- They gave the world Monty Python.; 24- Like Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary (slang).; 25- '48 Gene Autry Western about a wild horse (no, really?), The Strawberry ____.; 26- Some of mine are, say, David Lynch, Philip K. Dick & prog rockers.; 27- Salad oil holder.; 28- T.L. Jones played Two-Face, AKA ______ ____, in Batman Forever.; 30- If Forry Gump spoke better, he would've said to Pres. Kennedy, "I have __ ___."; 31- Voiceless consonants (Phonetics).; 33- Autocrats of old.; 34- Death on the Nile cause, perhaps.; 38- 1977 Peckinpah war film with James Coburn, Cross of ____.; 39- "You don't wanna watch my good Skyfall? Then __ see your ___ Alex Cross!"; 42- Comparison, likeness.; 45- Like Battlefield Earth, say, or Bio-Dome.; 47- Tom Jones co wrote, "___ to remember the kind of September, when life was slow..."; 48- T.L. Jones's name in the Men in Black films.; 50- Sponsorship.; 51- Frequent movie spot.; 52- Wing-shaped.; 53- A type of flaky pastry in very thin sheets, eaten in some Greek movies.; 54- Crazily, as T.L. Jones hilariously acted in Natural Born Killers.; 55- The undead kid in Pet Sematary, book & movie.; 56- Like show horses.; 58- One was in Evan Almighty.; 59- Island chain.;