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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 129" by Kris Gilpin on 11/24/2012
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1- What his bad guys always show toward James Bond.; 5- Any small plant of the genus Medicago, such as black ______, having trifoliate leaves.; 11- An end to sex?; 14- In The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond drove his car out of _ ___.; 15- Protozoans inhabiting bottom vegetation of freshwater ponds, used widely in lab studies.; 16- Wanted letters.; 17- Bond came to this hotel to find Rosa Klebb, in From Russia with Love.; 18- Sometimes the electrical dept. needs to do it to a set.; 19- Fraternity letters.; 20- In a diamond, in certain sports films.; 22- Zappa's song, "____ #2" & Crispin Glover's 2001 road movie, Fast ____.; 24- Hard up.; 25- A synagogue (Yiddish).; 26- 2006 Steve Coogan rom dram com, Lies & _____s, w/ Rebecca Romijn.; 29- Sometimes young lovers are this, under the table.; 32- 1940 Jean Arthur rom com, Too ____ Husbands.; 33- F. Murray Abraham played him in 96's dram com, Children of the Revolution.; 36- Big mouth.; 37- Spike Milligan's The Goon Show called it The Beeb, on his surreal 50's radio show.; 38- This evil Bond nemesis was played by different actors, in different 007 films.; 39- Robert Duvall played him in 79's TV mini series, "___: the War Years."; 40- What they call the ex child actor from De Niro's drama, This Boy's Life.; 41- Certain main lines.; 42- 1936 Barbara Stanwyck rom dram com, Banjo on My ____.; 43- An important timber or shade (____).; 45- A heavy theme in many a Bergman film.; 46- Aside from Judi Dench's M, so far the Bond films have been a ____ domain.; 47- The Bond films have always been filmed via a large _____.; 50- Mr. A., Jimmy Bond (ha) in 67's silly Casino Royale spoof.; 52- The series jumped the shark for a while when this '79 Bond put him into outer space (!).; 56- Antiquity, once.; 57- AKA, a very handsome young man.; 59- You take one to a movie, hopefully.; 60- Silly (no, really?) song from a '72 Monty Python album, "Eric the Half-a-___."; 61- A rung of a ladder.; 62- ____, is esiht what it eskool like when you edaer in a erorrim (whew)?!; 63- Chap, fellow (slang in a Brit film).; 64- The best Bond films are when you totally ______ the bad guy.; 65- Biblical verb.;
1- Bond's wardrobe, say.; 2- Bond's The Man with the Golden Gun was shot (so to speak) there.; 3- 1960 Marilyn Monroe, ____ Make Love.; 4- George, to date the only man to (officially) play Bond just once, in 1969.; 5- Kirsten Dunst was she in 2006's _____ Antoinette.; 6- Correct, as with text in a script.; 7- George, the only person in U.S. history to attain the rank of Admiral of the Navy.; 8- Bird venerated by ancient Egyptians.; 9- Funny Harry Crews novel about a man who, piece by piece, tries to eat a ___.; 10- A breed of dog w/ a shaggy greyish coat & tightly curled tail, originating in Holland.; 11- The Brit who created Jimmy, I mean James, Bond.; 12- Gull-like bird.; 13- Hollywood PG-13 movies are usually made for ____ appeal.; 21- Island chain?; 23- 1947 Robert Mitchum film noir, ___ of the Past.; 25- Dirties, like a theater floor after a blockbuster movie.; 26- Mosey, dude...; 27- R (for a film) would be one.; 28- Inconvenienced or discomforted, as Bond is by a villain.; 29- A hassle for poor Rover.; 30- They hit folks in the face in the lesser Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie.; 31- Great '99 Woody Allen film in which Sean Penn played guitar, _____ and Lowdown.; 33- Tart fruits.; 34- "I do belong in this theater, he ____ my ticket, see?!"; 35- Back at sea.; 38- This type of humor was on view in The Watch.; 42- Worked (d'oh!).; 44- A lotta folks seem to like a ___ of popcorn with their butter.; 45- Abbr. in car ads.; 47- A balloon or probe used for observing in the upper atmosphere.; 48- What a snake on a plane does.; 49- The A.D.: "Quiet __ the ___!"; 50- AKA nets?; 51- Promise, for one.; 52- Little Big Man was shot there (abbr.).; 53- Often heard in a fight film.; 54- Greek H's.; 55- Pleasant '93 Tim Roth, Bridget Fonda drama: Bodies, ____ & Motion.; 58- A Bond bad guy always gets his ___.;