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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 128" by Kris Gilpin on 11/14/2012
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1- Mr. D., who played Lennox in (to date) 3 Transformer movies.; 5- In '84, Christopher Lambert was Tarzan, Lord of the ____, in Greystoke...; 9- Bradley Cooper's disliked All About Steve was, you might say, a __-___.; 14- Distress signal.; 15- Deviate.; 16- Bear, such as while watching Birdemic: Shock and Terror.; 17- Tommy film/album: "See me, ____ me, touch me, heal me..."; 18- A young Giancarlo Giannini had it in films like Seven Beauties.; 19- TV's 2010 "Dancing on Ice" used George Harrison's, "Got My Mind ___ __ You."; 20- Bradley Cooper co starred in M. McConaughey's '06 rom com, _______ __ Launch.; 22- ___ maison (indoors): Fr.; 23- An elephant prod, seen in a film from India.; 24- Lovely actress Bush (abbr.).; 26- Nine ____ Nails provided their music for Se7en & many other films.; 29- Sometimes a movie surprises you with a bulletproof one.; 31- semitemoS you leef like a ___?; 33- 2001 Alan Rickman dram com about a hairdressing contest, Blow ___.; 34- Clooney wore it in O Brother, Where Art Thou?; 37- Soybean paste.; 38- One of the themes in 8 Mile.; 39- "To Autumn," e.g.; 40- Astringent substance from various tropical plants, used in medicine, tanning, etc.; 42- Big star in 51's The Day the Earth Stood Still.; 43- The Hans Christian Andersen story, "The Princess and the ___," has been filmed.; 44- What the great 2012 Bond, Skyfall, left audiences.; 45- Fathom ______ is a great company which brings plays, concerts, etc., to movie theaters.; 47- Poker prize in a gambling scene.; 48- CD follower.; 49- Mideast's Gulf of ____.; 50- Con.; 52- Prop in a blowgun scene.; 54- Rework.; 58- Mr. R., who directed The Bucket List.; 60- Bradley Cooper was in the all star '01 cult comedy, Wet ___ American ______.; 62- Prima donna actress: "You want me to wear this cheap ____? _ wouldn't die in this!"; 64- '95 Hugh Grant film, The Englishman Who Went Up _ Hill ___ Came Down a Mountain.; 65- Talking Heads song from Reality Bites: "We're __ a road __ nowhere, come (__) inside..."; 66- Designating any of the Eastern Churches that retain their own liturgy, but submit to papal authority.; 67- Like the hilarious Lee Marvin, from Cat Ballou.; 68- Rocks that comprise the continental portions of the upper layer of the earth's crust.; 69- Describes the ambiance of The Shining or Silence of the Lambs.; 70- Hitchcock actually shot The Man Who ____ Too Much twice.; 71- In the Phantasm horrors, Angus Scrimm played The ___ Man.;
1- _____ Cakes are a snack named after _____ oranges & seen mostly in U.K. films.; 2- 2009 sub-aquatic eco-docu: _____s.; 3- Mideast V.I.P., or Rudy Valentino.; 4- Bradley Cooper's The Hangover was a _______ funny film.; 5- Say for sure.; 6- Most like a ghost.; 7- Inspiration for poets & musicians.; 8- Taking a general view of the principal parts of a subject.; 9- Org. with a mission, seen in some spacey movies.; 10- Marks used in ancient manuscripts to point out superfluous words or passages.; 11- Fun 2012 Bradley Cooper comic road movie, w/ Kristen Bell.; 12- Oft-broken promise.; 13- Some film rating scales top out here.; 21- '82 Springsteen song: "...Neighbors come from near and far, as we pull up in our brand new ____ ___."; 25- Some vocal theater patrons should be this.; 27- When executed at its finest, film can be a true _____.; 28- Sometimes the sleaziest Times Square theaters had them on the floor.; 30- Neptune, e.g.; 32- New, fresh, in a French film.; 34- Ruth Gordon kept asking George Segal where (he) was, in a hilarious '70 black comedy.; 35- _____ Cinemas is a chain of Brit cinemas, one of the largest in Europe.; 36- From a C. Barker story, Bradley Cooper starred in the gory, The Midnight ____ _____ ('08).; 37- Ms. R., once America's sweetheart.; 41- '51 Van Heflin, Yvonne De Carlo historically accurate Western.; 46- Last.; 49- Adjust.; 51- Itsy-bitsy bits.; 53- Pretty Tunney, she spent the end of days with Arnold in 1999.; 55- Certain membranes of insects & other invertebrates.; 56- Kevin Spacey pictured Mena Suvari covered in rose _____s, in American Beauty.; 57- One of the funniest, worst C-grade horrors ever made was the 1990 sequel, _____ 2.; 59- Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Why don'tcha stay for the night...or, maybe a ____..."; 61- Pack away.; 62- "I wanna see The Devil Inside, the Director's ___!" "Er, don't hold your breath..."; 63- The Deer Hunter: "A deer has to be taken with ___ shot.";