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Print Puzzle - "Web Tools" by Rob Sovulewski on 1/22/2007
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1- Take, without permission; 4- Honest ____; 7- Shape of a Rainbow; 10- A Pitchers stat.; 11- Utility. Employment; 14- River (Italy), a tributary of the Tiber in Italy.; 16- Dry.; 17- Drink that your computer might have?; 20- Couple puffs off a cigarette.; 22- A sandy tract; 23- Above tilde.; 24- Jarheads have none.; 26- Sunday, or the 7th day.; 28- Close range photograph.; 31- Sea snake.; 32- Spades, 6-7-8-9 of one suit is called?; 33- Midst or Center.; 35- A short choice?; 36- Passenger vehicle.; 37- Small, no frame racing buggys.; 39- The ultimate principle of the universe; 42- Daughters of American Revolution, Abbr.; 43- Bodyart. Abbr. Slang; 44- Couch; 45- Cartoon candy dispenser, Brand; 46- Sorcerer; 48- Go before; 52- Not fake.; 53- Pronoun; 54- Ice____.; 56- Yellowish brown color; 59- Bill Gates Operating system, plus, put on the brakes; 63- Before; 64- You Ski on it.; 65- Trunk of the human body; 66- Type of hallucinogenic, for short; 67- CA___, appears on your taxes.; 68- Its one out of seven. Ins all mixed up.; 69- This one has no leaves.;
1- Support; 2- Cookie brand name.; 3- Browser button they might use in the red light district? Heavy equipment.; 4- One down under.; 5- A bachelor's degree in sci.; 6- Corn or Lobe; 7- Black bird; 8- Uncover; 9- Apex; 12- HS equivalent.; 13- Female sheep; 15- ___ enemy, Satan.; 18- Gene; Abbr.; 19- Insurgents.; 21- Sunrise.; 25- "Did you hear about....", word of mouth.; 27- Gamble.; 28- Paid ride. Slang; 29- La Salle Univ.; 30- Picture. Abbr.; 34- Data (file extension name e.g. .exe); 35- Fragrant oil.; 37- Summerhouse; 38- Uncooked; 39- Part of Theme, plus, you use it to keep pants up.; 40- Not the NFC; 41- Raiders play there, without the land?; 42- Xmas resides here.; 44- Grand ____; 45- Anise-flavored liqueur; 47- Logic; 48- Prisoners of War, for short.; 49- Debris, decays.; 50- Condensed moisture; 51- Formerly; 55- Car that is known as a goat.; 57- Scottish Gaelic; 58- Advise; 60- Driving While Intoxicated, Abbr.; 61- Operating rooms, Abbr.; 62- Lbs per square inch.;