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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 127" by Kris Gilpin on 11/5/2012
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1- Emily Watson was great in von Trier's '96 drama, Breaking the _____.; 6- Wood sorrels.; 10- Almost everyone in Ricky Gervais's The Invention of Lying lacked it.; 14- You could _____ either Will or Zach in 2012's The Campaign.; 15- Skin, as sometimes in a horror flick.; 16- Anna Paquin was a kid in '96 when she acted w/ geese in Fly ____ Home.; 17- A Buddhist monk, especially in a film from Japan or China.; 18- Language in a film from Pakistan.; 19- Beauty Amber Heard stabbed Seth Rogan w/ one in Pineapple Express.; 20- Moisten.; 21- Patty McCormack was considered an evil kid in 56's The Bad ____.; 22- Army of Darkness: "We must ____! It is written. It has been foretold!"; 23- Emil Minty was the Feral Kid in the action classic, ___ Max 2: the Road Warrior.; 25- A movie kid is sometimes given one to keep a secret.; 27- Creamy peanut butter is ________ than chunky.; 31- A mystery (or any film, IMO) should be viewed from the ______.; 35- Sleepy prop in a military movie.; 36- A convention or motif, especially in a literary work.; 38- Lloyd, kid actor who quit the biz shortly after playing Jack's son in The Shining.; 39- Sounds during a good stunt scene.; 41- P., kid actor from Explorers (with us no more).; 43- TV's "Dark Shadows" was one, but with horror.; 44- Elijah Wood was a kid who helped his abused brother in 92's Radio _____.; 46- Native in a West Indies movie.; 48- Western native.; 49- Inactive.; 51- The ultimate clue is usually ________ until the end in a mystery movie.; 53- Standard.; 55- Dark time for poets.; 56- Firesign Theatre: "We shall speak of it ____." "And on and on and on!..."; 59- Like an obnoxious idiot character in a proctology picture?; 61- Makes you mad when you see one on a new shoe.; 65- The god of mischief & destruction (Norse myth).; 66- Break in the action.; 67- Blu-ray players literally utilize a blue one.; 68- Weak 1968 Jean Seberg French drama, Birds in ____.; 69- Old Testament twin.; 70- 2009 docu on the editor of Vogue, The September _____.; 71- Indie filmmakers who were turned down for Sundance started up ____dance.; 72- Certain Slav.; 73- Like Eddie Deezen's Eugene in Grease.;
1- Laura's (1944) Clifton ____.; 2- Does Vera Farmiga use ____ vera on beach shoots? (Groan!); 3- Peddle.; 4- A skin condition which, if extensive, could be used in a horror flick.; 5- Pretty (now rich) Ms. K., who was a kid in Catch That Kid.; 6- Extremely prolific writer Isaac Asimov's best-of books: ____ 100, ____ 200, ____ 300...; 7- Of or relating to the blood vessels & the blood supply of the brain.; 8- McLean Stevenson was Larry _____ on TV's "Diff'rent Strokes."; 9- Many directors have fought with one over the final cut of their films.; 10- Crisp, smooth, plain woven costume dept. fabrics, made from silk or synthetic fibres.; 11- In Lionheart, J.-C. Van Damme went ____ from the Fr. Foreign Legion to avenge his bro's death.; 12- Elle Fanning was a kid when she appeared in Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day ____ (2003).; 13- AKA kid (actor).; 24- (Mr.) C., French fashion designer, his clothes were also used in films.; 26- ___ Yorkin directed the cult comedy, Start the Revolution Without Me.; 27- Speak derisively.; 28- AKA $.; 29- Characters Regular & _____ (ahem) are on Phil Austin's great Roller Maidens from Outer Space album.; 30- 2012's very good Cloud Atlas is an example of one.; 32- Ex kid actor Christina Ricci was born w/ one in the '06 comedy, Penelope.; 33- Related maternally.; 34- What most screenplays are.; 37- Dried up.; 40- AKA atomic number 34.; 42- Tarzan & John Carter were created by American writer Edgar ____ Burroughs.; 45- There is, frankly, an abundance of it in zombie flicks & "The Walking Dead" (yay ;-).; 47- "Little Ms." A. was adorable as Mel's kid in Signs.; 50- Lillian Gish's last film was the drama, The ______ of August ('87), w/ Vinny Price.; 52- Package.; 54- Sign on a plane facility.; 56- Heidi's home.; 57- Jean Reno's Leon (The Professional), viewed in a mirror.; 58- Soup pod.; 60- AKA burl, knot.; 62- Arnold shot part of Red Heat there.; 63- 1978 Italian M. Mastroianni & S. Loren thriller, Blood ____.; 64- Leonard, best known for playing the timid tailor, Motel, in Fiddler on the Roof.;