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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 126" by Kris Gilpin on 10/24/2012
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1- The profits for a new film will usually ____ in its second week.; 5- Hair & Make-up Depts. teased a lot of them in the '70s.; 10- Many movie fires start w/ _ slo-mo ___ cigarette flying thru the air.; 14- Rushes.; 15- To move in a stealthy manner, as a horror movie bad guy.; 16- Usually a hassle for your poor doggy.; 17- Research facil.; 18- Character actor Jackie Earle _____, the only good thing in 10's N. on Elm Street remake.; 19- 2012's ___ of Watch & The Doors's, "The ___" (heard in Apocalypse Now).; 20- '98 W. Anderson school comedy, w/ Luke Wilson & co-written by his brother, Owen.; 22- Cereal killer.; 23- Revolutionary Michael Collins's country.; 24- Like Iron Man's suit.; 26- You have to do this when the only comedy movie choice stars Dane Cook.; 29- They write for & buy the supermarket rags.; 32- Did Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words get 1,000 laffs? It didn't even get one of these.; 33- Like Gerard Butler.; 35- Script locale from The Bible: In the Beginning...; 36- 2006 Matthew McConaughey sports drama, We ___ Marshall.; 37- Bob Einstein was a smug salesman in his brother Albert Brooks's 1981, Modern _______.; 40- Farm mother.; 41- Bean town?; 43- Jon Voight had one knocked out of his mouth in Deliverance.; 44- Blender button.; 46- A spear with 3 or more prongs for spearing fish.; 48- A stupid or despicable person, in a Brit flick (slang).; 49- Sally Field showed it in Norma Rae.; 50- Late cinematographer (Saturday Night Fever), originally from Germany, Ralf D. ____.; 51- In Germany, My Dinner with Andre was called, Mein _____ mit André.; 53- Joan Cusack was in her brother John's 2000 music com dram, High ________.; 57- Blutto (Belushi) in Animal House was definitely not this.; 58- The Blair Witch Project was the first (?) example of a "_____ footage film."; 60- In Genesis, a son of Isaac & Rebekah.; 61- 2006 family film about a young man protecting endangered owls.; 62- 1966 Robert Goulet war drama, _ ____ in Danger.; 63- There was a lot more than one in Do the Right Thing.; 64- 1991's On My ___ & 2005's Our Very ___.; 65- Camilla, beauty star of 2006's When a Stranger Calls remake.; 66- "That's a wrapp! Tell Constructionn to strikee the ____.";
1- Fan sound.; 2- Hokkaido native.; 3- 2004 phony monster docu w/ Werner Herzog, Incident at Loch ____.; 4- Like Dirk Bogarde (in his obsession toward the boy) in Death in Venice.; 5- The great "Sloop John B," from Calendar Girls: "Call for the captain ______, let me go home..."; 6- In Dead Calm, evil Billy Zane dies by this gun.; 7- In The Fabulous Baker Boys, Beau Bridges would ____ his brother, Jeff.; 8- In 101 Dalmatians, Pongo was ___.; 9- The great Abre Los Ojos/Open Your Eyes was remade in 2001 as the very good, Vanilla ___.; 10- Needle-shaped.; 11- Stacy Keach & his brother, James, were the James boys in this '80 Western (w/ The).; 12- Catherine Deneuve starred in 1992's period rom dram, ____chine.; 13- Billy Crystal got preggers in director Joan Rivers's (!) unfunny '78 comedy, Rabbit ____.; 21- Like Tom Courtenay in The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.; 22- Precedes ens.; 24- B Western: "What happened to Cleatus?" "Eh, Pants Flap was too fast for him, he's _ ____r."; 25- Drilling grp., as in Cadet Kelly.; 26- Animal set in a Western.; 27- 1990's TV horror series about a weird, small country town: "_____, Indiana."; 28- De Niro was a slave hunter who joined forces w/ Jeremy Irons in this '86 adventure drama.; 30- Any of several New World flycatchers of the genus Contopus.; 31- Vincent Price used to wear one often.; 33- Evil Michael Pitt wore one in his Funny Games remake.; 34- De Niro wore one in The Fan (that's a clue).; 38- 2001: "____ the pod bay doors, HAL!..."; 39- Lyric poem, by Ashton Kutcher, say (kidding!).; 42- Parts.; 45- Like Leonard Maltin's BOMB rating.; 47- 252 wine gallons.; 48- "Darling Be Home Soon": "I've been waiting since I ______d, for the great relief of having you to talk to."; 50- Double, twofold.; 51- Bounce back, in a way.; 52- After they saw a film they liked, my folks would nod & say, "Good ____."; 53- What the great chase sequence in The Road Warrior was all for.; 54- 2012 com dram by Rob Reiner, w/ Morgan Freeman, The Magic of Belle ____.; 55- The editing should be this in a good thriller.; 56- A circular tent of poles covered w/ felt or skins, used by Turkic nomads.; 58- Jim Carrey would do it in Liar Liar.; 59- Dedicated lines.;