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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 125" by Kris Gilpin on 10/12/2012
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1- Theater seats would be torture without them.; 5- Blackjack, as a Bad Guy would use.; 9- Flip response?; 14- Without one, a film just rambles on.; 15- Pro follower.; 16- As of 2012, they say one of them w/ pictures can get screwed up.; 17- '04 Julianne Moore mystery, w/ a stupid twist alien to the plot (w/ The).; 19- Most films take place in the _____.; 20- At the end of a thriller the cop is usually _____ than the prisoner.; 21- The first 2 hours of Pirates: At World's End seemed to go on for ____ until the action came.; 23- Scatter.; 24- What Clint lost near the end of The (excellent) Beguiled.; 25- Taken before a meal, first seen in a French film.; 29- Dante's Peak did it in, uh, Dante's Peak.; 31- A basketball gets this in a sports flick, hopefully.; 35- What a creep often did in a creepy movie.; 37- Marilyn's real name.; 38- Sets from Thunderball & The Godfather (ow!).; 40- Debbie Harry was in the '80 paranoia mystery, _____ City, a Woolrich tale w/ an ironic twist ending.; 43- AKA Audition, as in said film (which BTW had a horrifying twist in it!) & the word itself.; 44- Some kid extras in outdoor scenes are this, so to speak.; 46- Hurt.; 48- My fave movie drink (since sodas have become molasses since I was a kid).; 50- Flower children?; 53- Sized up, like, say, your assets.; 56- In Robin and Marian, Connery was Robin & Audrey Hepburn was ___.; 57- The Italian Vallone, he was in the lesser Godfather: Part III.; 60- "I say, ____, which way to that lovely film premiere in Leicester Square?"; 61- Banana oil, e.g.; 63- Filmic angels sometimes have them.; 65- The original (Euro) The _________ ('88, a kidnapping tale) had a very haunting end twist.; 68- Robert Crumb's great work has always been this.; 69- Just manages (w/ "out").; 70- Grimm beginning.; 71- A waterfall or rapid.; 72- Tommy (album & film): "Strange as it ____s his musical dreams ain't quite so bad..."; 73- Jackass: The Movie's "___ Man" & Terry Pratchett's fun book, The ___ Free Men.;
1- The horrid Police Academy: Mission to Moscow would be one.; 2- Like the president of their fave star's fan club.; 3- To remove controls from.; 4- Sly's sadly late son.; 5- PC component.; 6- Bit in a horse's mouth in, say, a Western.; 7- Animal in a Western roundup (not Jack Palance).; 8- Former enemy capital, in some films.; 9- Many hated the nonsensical twist ending of 03's great horror, High _______.; 10- Blood letters.; 11- They have their pluses & minuses.; 12- B-Western: "Hermano, I tell you, dat gringo is ____!"; 13- Distort.; 18- Use a soapbox.; 22- Maximum.; 26- A slice of Woody Allen's hilarious Bananas was shot there.; 27- Good 2008 U.K. horror, ____ Lake, starred Kelly (Sherlock Holmes) Reilly.; 28- Rugby (informal), in a Brit "sport" flick.; 30- A bronze monetary unit, seen in an old Spanish film.; 32- In Minority Report murders were _________d, but the Pre-Cogs could see them.; 33- Fat letters.; 34- From Show Boat: "Can't Help Lovin' ___ Man."; 36- Lovely Ludivine Sagnier took one in Swimming Pool, which had a cool twist ending.; 38- The actors would do it in Hot Dog . . . The Movie.; 39- Mov?; 41- Johnny English & Jacques Clouseau, say.; 42- Debra Paget was a 1249 A.D. Egyptian in 1954's Princess of the ____.; 45- The twist ending for 05's spelunking The _______ was so bleak, it was cut by wussy U.S. distrib's.; 47- Certain . . . protuberances.; 49- Funny Joe Cool type character who fought the dead from 1981 to 1992.; 51- In 2011 Woody Allen shot in Paris & ______ in Rome, in 2012.; 52- Twilled or woolen fabrics, as used in a film's costuming dept.; 54- Overhangs.; 55- Thus _____ Zarathustra was a 1997 translation of Nietzsche's philosophical novel.; 57- X-ray units in medical movies.; 58- A movie star might carry one.; 59- Cloris Leachman was ____ Blucher in Young Frankenstein (do you hear horses?).; 62- The (original) Prisoner was a fave one of mine.; 64- Tool sometimes used by the construction dept.; 66- Nicholson entertains everyone?; 67- Bosley Crowther called Zazie, "a French exercise in cinematic Dada___.”;