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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 124" by Kris Gilpin on 10/3/2012
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1- Waste.; 5- Leaving Las Vegas was AKA _____ Las Vegas in Canada (that's a clue).; 10- Christian Bale was one in Public Enemies.; 14- 1987 Chuck Berry docu, ____! ____! Rock 'n' Roll.; 15- '41 Deborah Kerr Brit drama, Love on the ____ & U.S. senator, Robert J. ____.; 16- 1954 John Payne, Lizabeth Scott Western, Silver ___.; 17- Ms. S, won an Oscar via Woody Allen in 1996.; 18- A kind of linen tape used for trimmings.; 19- In '89, De Niro was Stanley & Jane Fonda (who tried to teach him to read) was she.; 20- Sean Bean played him in Troy.; 22- What ungrateful celebs like to get into on sets.; 23- The last few years have shown us a ____ of weak rom coms.; 24- Particles of soot.; 26- AKA jewels.; 29- What almost all scripts are.; 32- Swears.; 33- Ms. Phillips, Livia in the popular Brit TV mini-series, I, Claudius.; 35- I love when they cut CD ____s by my fave musicians.; 36- Nepotism in Hollywood? (Yup!); 37- G., great actor who was the voice of God in Travolta's weak, Two of a Kind.; 40- Shooting marble.; 41- Pretty Joe Walsh tune, "... I need ya ... to beg my pardon, to ____ my garden."; 43- Sometimes the Blob would do it.; 44- You often do it with a movie at home.; 46- "There used to be an _____ __ this theater, long ago..."; 48- "We ______ got here alive, just to sit thru Battleship?!"; 49- Star of Das Boot (not German footwear).; 50- Like City of God, or Boy's Town...; 51- A copy of Filmmaker magazine, say.; 53- Great Swede who played Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told.; 57- At least 9 of them were used for Breakfast at Tiffany's.; 58- Post apocalyptic, 1994 Molly Ringwald mini series (w/ The).; 60- What Jesus always preached in films.; 61- Like Cain & Abel (abbr.).; 62- Big star of Four Rooms.; 63- Arden & Alice.; 64- Jimmy Cliff's classic, "____ Rivers to Cross," has been used in several films.; 65- Wrote the famous novel that became the less than famous film, Steppenwolf.; 66- NIV Bible: "He ____ his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.";
1- Like Steve Martin in The Jerk.; 2- 1999 Josh Brolin thriller, Best ____ Plans.; 3- Theaters showing Paris Hilton's The Hottie & the Nottie were very (this) -- like, totally!; 4- Birthplace of David McCallum & the sweet Kelly Macdonald.; 5- How Juliette Binoche would say her farewells back home.; 6- Frequent cop flick prop.; 7- Miller's Crossing & Duck Soup are of different ones.; 8- Moray, e.g.; 9- Guns N' Roses made 2 ___ Your Illusion videos.; 10- Gleamed.; 11- Ms. A., who was (a very sweet, cute) God in Dogma.; 12- In the case of psycho. drama Bug, a stupid __ campaign squashed __ at the B.O.; 13- He was a famous 10 Across.; 21- Kind of fund in the ho hum film, Rollover.; 22- Like din.; 24- Mr. T., good Brit actor from Yes Man & 1965's The Collector.; 25- Feathery mimic.; 26- Native language in many African films.; 27- Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc., as seen in university films.; 28- Director of The Bible: In the Beginning... (also voiced God in the film).; 30- Screen letters...; 31- A permanent, nonstudent resident of a college community.; 33- Lilac, e.g.; 34- Richard Gere, in Runaway Bride.; 38- Where India is.; 39- Actress/singer Holly ____ & 1987's ____ Dark.; 42- His beautiful "Clair de Lune" has been heard in many films.; 45- Some socks.; 47- Seafood delicacy.; 48- A lucky film makes one.; 50- Primates used them to kill in 2001.; 51- SALT concern.; 52- Ms. Shepard, author of the Pretty Little Liars books/TV show.; 53- Tanks.; 54- Helena B. Carter was lovely in 97's The Wings of the ____, from Henry James's novel.; 55- Rising locale?; 56- Robert Conrad was Jim ____ in "The Wild Wild ____."; 58- "Shut up, man!" "Dude, it's a silent film!"; 59- 1952 Myrna Loy comedy, Belles on Their ___s.;