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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 123" by Kris Gilpin on 9/24/2012
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1- For people to still offer L. Lohan jobs in 2012 is a big judgement _____.; 6- The Marx Bros. were ____aways in 1931's funny Monkey Business.; 10- AKA elves, as in a fantasy flick.; 14- A pre-Stooges Joe Besser was a soldier in the '52 short, Aim, Fire, _____.; 15- Madeleine Stowe in The Last of the Mohicans.; 16- Pot over a fire.; 17- "Skin," as translated in many Greek film titles.; 18- Max Von Sydow's costumes in The Exorcist.; 19- Assemblage of rocks that comprise upper portions of the earth's crust.; 20- '73 Golden Globe (G.G.) winner: A bird flys off in search of wisdom, Jonathan Livingston _______.; 22- Put together.; 24- Eugene, from the brilliant comedy show, "SCTV."; 25- They play conical tubes w/ double reed mouthpieces in orchestral scenes.; 26- My fave Brit film mag (which, natch, comes from what was called the British ______).; 29- Young Mark Lester played him in 1968's popular G.G. winner, Oliver!; 30- Mean character: "Hey you, you're not worth a ___!"; 31- A tidal bore or flood, in a British film.; 33- Sweet confection of Turkish origin, made chiefly of ground sesame seeds & honey.; 37- What Three Kings & Jacob's Ladder have in common.; 39- Geoffrey Rush was a piano playing abuse survivor in this 1996 G.G. winner.; 41- "Loyal, faithful" (in a Scottish film).; 42- Open, in a way.; 44- Hitchcock's '31 ____ of Shanghai & John Candy's penultimate movie, 94's Wagons ____.; 46- Wish my theater served warm apple pie ___ mode!; 47- During Big Night audiences oohed & _____ at the food in the movie.; 49- Angie Jolie was one of the ______s in this 1995 tech thriller.; 51- A critic _______ a film, while s/he probably couldn't even shoot their own foot.; 54- Storage cylinder.; 55- Widescreen films w/ incredible visuals make for great such entertainments.; 56- Jodie Foster was attacked by 3 men in a bar in this 1988 G.G. winner (w/ The).; 59- Much of Mongolia.; 60- Pond organism.; 62- Both Clash of the _____s (1981, 2010) were pretty smelly cheese.; 64- James Bond has always shown this.; 65- Stretched out, often when watching movies at home.; 66- Related on one's mother's side.; 67- Johnny Depp would do it for Tim Burton in 2007.; 68- Name of the funniest fake trailer from the original version of 2007's Grindhouse.; 69- Further shorten, maybe, as by a film's construction dept.;
1- Jack N., D. Hopper & P. Fonda took it together before they shot The Trip.; 2- 1983's Hong Kong action comedy: Part 2, Mad Mission: ____ Go Places (cute subtitle).; 3- Sweat source.; 4- Kenyan's neighbor.; 5- Knickknack holder.; 6- Like Anaconda.; 7- Going rate?; 8- Sun or moon.; 9- Hot condiment.; 10- George C. Scott was great as a suicidal doc in this '71 G.G. winning black comedy (w/ The).; 11- Hodgepodges.; 12- Brendan Fraser left a fallout shelter in 1999's _____ from the Past.; 13- Producers today also count on DVD & Blu-ray _____ to hog more movie profits from.; 21- Parts of the eyeballs, consisting of the iris, ciliary body & choroid.; 23- Ritzy, in a Brit flick...& a spice.; 25- Wilson & Clive.; 26- Sean Bean played him in Matthew Modine's '94 Biblical TVM, Jacob.; 27- I say eve, you say this.; 28- The water ____ scene at the end of The (original) Miracle Worker chokes me up!; 29- 1995's Shanghai _____ was a crime drama starring the lovely Li Gong.; 32- Kinds of liquid butter, esp. seen in cooking scenes in films from India.; 34- Term for "mirror," in Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions (great book, hated the film).; 35- Kim Basinger, in 1989's Batman.; 36- Fruit spray.; 38- 1946 G.G. winning Greg Peck film about a kid & a young deer, The ________.; 40- The movie bad guy has a bad one.; 43- Greek earth goddess (var.).; 45- Military movie underling, often.; 48- "Give my regards to Broadway, remember me to ______ Square..."; 50- Trig (ugh) function.; 51- Olden magistrates.; 52- Food, Inc. is a frightening docu about factory grown animals, which have caused (this).; 53- Like G.G. winner Desi Arnaz/Ricky Ricardo.; 54- Like the laugh count in Corky Romano.; 56- Opposin'.; 57- J.F.K. postings.; 58- "The X-Files"'s Dana Scully was AKA ____ Nully.; 61- Tony Randall was the title character in George Pal's 1964, 7 Faces of Dr. ___.; 63- Twilight flick: ___ Moon (2009).;